If you are planning a boat trip but are worried about leaving your pet, why not bring him/her with you? The aBoatTime team will advise you on the best way to do it.

Sailing with dogs

This image shows Lucy, a peculiar crew member. So says her keeper: “This dog is amazing, she knows how to sail better than any person.”

Sailing is not something exclusive for human beings. The wisdom of Mother Earth made other creatures essentially love nature as much as us. Dogs, for instance, can thrive on the sea and, when trained, have found oceans equally or more enjoyable than their masters.

 There are some basic concepts we must have in mind if we wish to take our pet on board a sailing experience. 1.- While planning a boat charter, we should be informed about the country of destination’s law about navigating with pets. It is important to gather as much information as possible about this topic before enrolling our pet into a boat adventure. We advise you to take your pet always perfectly documented. 

2- Make sure that it has been legally registered and has its corresponding chip, the electronic system that contains all of your pet’s information. For, more than a few are the countries that demand its use. Equally, your “team mate” should embark rightly and timely vaccinated and having been kept previously on quarantine, also required by the law of numerous countries.

3- Take into account that not all pets are sea lovers. It won’t be the same for a dog that has been sailing and in contact with the water since he was a puppy, than for one that we have taken sailing for the first time at the age of three. Therefore, we recommend that you keep this in mind. Likely, it is convenient to set aside a space in the cabin and arrange it as a shelter for your dog.

Remember that dogs on boats don’t have much option to relieve themselves, unless they have been trained. Therefore, we advise you to get a small portion of artificial grass or some cardboard, where he or she feels comfortable and confident to do its business.

4- If your dog is fearless of water, maybe how will he get back on board is something you haven’t thought about. The back stairs on the boats have been designed for human use, so most probably a dog will find it hard to climb them. In this case, the best would be to improvise a plank with the function of a ramp so that your dog can climb up and down whenever he wishes.

Moreover, it’s good to remind you that your pet can and should sail correctly equipped with its special dog life jacket. As a result, the risks will diminish considerably.

This way, if your concern is whether your dog or pet will stay on land, the answer is “only if you want it to!” and remember that a pet can enjoy the maritime world and navigation as much as you.

Select the destination that you want to explore and bring your best friend with you! A yacht charter will allow your pet to roam free around your boat enjoying your sailing holiday with you.

Traveling to the Balearic Islands for example is a great choice for your next holidays, but ferries are not pet friendly and neither are airplanes, no where but on your chartered boat will your pet be so free to move around and enjoy the experience!