Shaka is the name of the new iPhone accessory that will allow more precise wind measurements in a particular area without a necessity to carry traditional instruments with you.

From now enthusiasts of water sports such as sailing, surfing or other disciplines where wind plays a key role can obtain the detailed information on weather conditions of their location, just plugging Shaka to the jack port of an iPhone. This anemometer reports the speed of wind, measured in meters per second, its direction and even the wind temperature.

The main advantage over other existing anemometers is that, as part of a smartphone, all recorded measurements can be shared with other users. Thus, with a simple iPhone accessory you can instantly know where the wind is favorable, move there to practice your favorite sport and be sure nothing will spoil it.

Although the date when Shaka will be available in the market hasn’t been announced yet, it has been confirmed that when Shaka goes on sale its price will be $ 59 (47 euros).