Anyone wishing to embark on a yacht charter needs to take into account various factors, the main two being sailing conditions and the location of marinas. Although there are many mobile apps which provide information on sailing conditions, we recommend instead visiting the Spanish Port Information website, which provides official information on marinas of Spain, sailing conditions and weather conditions. In this article we outline how to get the most out of this website.

Alicante Marina

On the main page, you’ll find an interactive map, which shows weather conditions of Spain, updated hourly, along with interactive layers which can be added to the map, such as wave strength, wind speed and direction, water temperature and atmospheric pressure, allowing you to plan an opportune time for sailing.

The application works by combining information from buoys in the sea with measurement points on land. This allows the site’s data to be updated a maximum of once an hour.

Once you’re aware of the weather conditions in the area where you’re planning to sail, you can avail yourself of more specific data, by searching in the map’s search bar. For example, if you wish to look up information on Denia’s marina, you are presented with a table showing a three day forecast for wave speed, sea level and wind speed and direction, as well as the maximum daily high and low tides,

The data provided by by the web app also shows a three day forecast, as well as the past conditions for each pinpoint shown on the map. The latter is useful for working out what the best maritime routes are, depending on the season. For example if you moored your boat in Ibiza, you need to take into account the summer Poniente winds, such as when they are at their strongest; as if there is extreme wind, departing from the marina is not recommended until weather conditions are more favourable.

To find out more specific information for each marina, on the Port Information website, you’ll find links for each Spanish Port Authority, such as Alicante, Barcelona, or the Balearic Islands. These websites offer both information on weather conditions, as well as news on services, disruption, promotions and a wealth of other useful information. Remember that all the information available will allow you to enjoy as pleasurable a journey as possible, in addition to providing advice and service information, making your journey as pleasant as possible.

Spanish Port Information Website