Golf…it’s not only a game, it’s more like a lifestyle. People playing golf tend to dedicate plenty of time to this activity because it’s really engaging. The same way, you can be charmed by yacht charter vacations where the spirit of freedom penetrates the air and creates a mix of unforgettable feelings. So, why not combine these inspiring activities within one trip? Don’t you think it’s going to be a really great experience? Well, we, at aBoatTime, propose you immerse yourself in the astonishing world of golf in Spain. What are you waiting for? Let’s do it right now!

Spain is a unique country in many senses. Here in this post we don’t want to mention again and again the beaches of Benidorm or sightseeing nearby Barcelona. In fact, we believe that the truly exquisite sailing traveller is always in search for something different, something interesting and special. What can be more exclusive if not golf. Just imagine that you are stepping on land after your breathtaking yacht charter and find some sophisticated high quality courses that are ready to satisfy even the most discerning golf professional. At the same time, all the amateurs will find several places where to train and develop their skills. Spain is placed among the best golf destinations in Europe. Mainly, it can be explained by its wonderful climate and modern facilities. In autumn, it’s especially attractive for the visitors because here the days remain long and the weather is still very suitable for nice golf.

Even though you can find golfing spots throughout the country, the main part of them is located on the South of Spain, Costa del Sol. Without any doubt, this region takes first spot in comparison with the rest. The extended coastline is full of sophisticated up-to-date golf spots. Some of the courses provide an opportunity to enjoy some breathtaking views between the mountains and the sea. Its developed infrastructure in conjunction with welcoming people and the perfect climate transform this part of the country into the touristic and golf paradise.

Some of the best golf places in Spain are:

  • Valderrama golf club (Cadiz)


There you’ll find different golf courses and contemplate several golf tournaments of the highest level such as Rydercup for example. This club was opened in 1974 and previously was known as Las Aves. Then 1985 it changed the name to Valderrama golf club under the guidance of Mr Jaime Ortiz Patiño. At the same time, this exclusive golf spot provides a varied range of diverse services. For example, you will be pleased by the traditional cuisine in a superb setting or enjoy the best shopping. Elegance, style and excellence are among the main priorities so you will have everything necessary to practice this luxurious sport and for sure with time you will significantly improve your abilities and, knowledge, or maybe participate in a golf competition. Why not to try your luck after such a personal approach to training where highly experienced professionals will track your performance and help you to grow as a golfer. Briefly speaking, it’s not just a golf club, it’s a legend. It’s definitely one of the best golf spots in the whole of Europe.

  • Abama (Tenerife)

It’s luxurious 5-stars golf resort is located on the South West of Tenerife and attracts many rich and exquisite visitors among which can be found several celebrities and, for example, Bill Clinton. There you’ll have a chance to contemplate a charming sunrise with the amazing views of the Atlantic ocean. There is a set of different golf courses, so that you always can find something appropriate to your level. We’d like to mention especially the natural surrounding of this charming destination where palm trees are combined with a desert and the ocean. Abama place won’t leave you indifferent!

  • Alenda (Alicante)

Only 15 km away from Alicante and you’ll be amazed by the great facilities this place is offering. This golf spot was opened in 1999 and designed by Roland Favrat. There are 18 holes suitable for different levels of players. Some of the greens have quite difficult slopes, however, with the help of the local instructors you’ll get out the most out of your golfing experience. There you will learn how to be precise and train your hitting ability. After a nice sailing trip and a day dedicated to golf, for sure you will become hungry. Well, Alenda offers a good restaurant and also a snack bar where to recuperate your strength before the next adventure.

  • PGA Catalunya (Catalunya province)

You’ll find this place by driving about 45 minutes to the North from Barcelona. It was ranked 10th in Europe by Golf World magazine that confirms the high level of facilities. For many people, PGA Catalunya is the most prestigious Costa Brava golf resort. It hosts several local and European golf tournaments and is quite famous  even among the world’s best players.

  • Buenavista golf club (Tenerife)


If you go for a classical golf, Buenavista is one of the best choices. It’s located in the northwest of Tenerife and one of the greatest advantages it provides is the feeling of freedom and happiness you have when you see the local views that are truly spectacular. Rocky Atlantic shore and green surroundings create a special atmosphere you will enjoy while playing golf and relaxing from your daily life. Fancy bar and restaurant with terraces are the best places to appreciate your sailing and golfing vacations.

Well, now you know how to get the most out of your vacations simply by combining the unique style of your yacht charter with the luxury of golf. Finally, you will fill your time with joy, relaxation and enthusiasm of new adventures. What else to ask for?