Yacht charter in Turkey is ideal for those craving an exotic adventure and an alternative to traditional Mediterranean yachting stomping grounds. Covered Spain? Delighted in the beauty of France and Italy? Crawled up Croatia’s Istrian coast and dotted around the Greek islands? Then yacht charter in Turkey is the final frontier in European naval navigation.

Yacht charter in Turkey

Encircled by three seas; the Mediterranean, the sea of Mamara to the north-west and the spectacular Black Sea to the north. To access the latter, one must sail through the Bosphorus passing the majestic city of Istanbul; very often the phenomenal highlight during a yacht charter in Turkey. Famed for straddling two continents and being the beating cultural and historical heart of Anatolia, Istanbul will equally charm and astound you. From the opulent mosques and palaces to the cacophony of mazy bazaars and plethora of street vendors a visitor’s itinerary in the city will be easily and rapidly filled up.

However, there are many more delights to be found on the Turkish coast than the capital. The delightful Turkish and Greek islands are to be explored in the Aegean Sea as the northwesterly Mediterranean wind glides you into the Sea of Mamara.

During a yacht charter in Turkey, many boaters delight in this body of water as the sharp, jagged coastline provides fantastic vistas, whilst picturesque towns dotted along the coast allow many opportunities to explore the colourful Turkish culture and cuisine when you are docked.

 Moving swiftly on, no yacht charter in Turkey is complete without venturing into the Black Sea. Although, best avoided during the peak of summer its pleasant year-round climate makes this region a popular tourist destination for holidaymakers around the world. Sailing conditions are normally excellent for those of all experiences venturing on a yacht charter in Turkey.

Furthermore, this vast sea is abounded with numerous islands, home to charming and unique settlements, whilst the coastal geography is phenomenal and somewhat contrasting to your typical Mediterranean voyages.

So hop on board and cruise over to Turkey if you fancy something different this year! Straddle continents and delve into a unique and mysterious culture whilst enjoying the one of the best climates, cultures and landscapes found anywhere in the world!