Yacht charter in Sardinia has astounded many a sailor in the past with its fascinating coastal geography.

Numerous craggy cliffs, small bays and inlets, and salt-water lagoons align the island’s coastal regions. These make perfect grounds for exploration during a yacht charter in Sardinia. Moreover, the interior’s spectacular mountain ranges provide awe-inspiring views and a challenge for those who wish to test themselves on hiking escapades.

Those who have a passion in history as well as boating often plump for a yacht charter in Sardinia. Why? The island is one the most geologically old land masses in Europe and a history of emigration waves as well as the preservation of numerous ruins and sites mean Sardinia is a gem of historical significance. For example, the prehistoric temple Monte d´Accoddi is beautifully preserved and thought to be the oldest building in Italy. On top of that many sites from the Bronze Age are worth exploring when on a yacht charter in Sardinia, as well as numerous landmarks from the Roman and Byzantine empires.

Away from history, thriving modern-day culture can be experienced full on. The island´s towns and cities are jam-packed with phenomenal eateries, great bar scenes, as well as first-class accommodation options. Feeling peckish during your yacht charter in Sardinia? Fear not, because Sardinian cuisine is infamous, especially its suckling pig and wild boar. Additionally, the island boasts the highest per capita consumption of beer in Italy, most probably due to its excellent homemade, artisan brews; their enjoyment wholeheartedly recommended during a yacht charter in Sardinia!

So whether you wish to get adventurous by exploring the island´s stunning topography, boost your history knowledge by visiting the plethora of ancient sites on the island or simply enjoy the greater things in life at the town’s multitude of bars, pubs and cafés, a yacht charter in Sardinia offers something for everyone and will not let you down!