What comes to your mind when you are thinking about Rhodes? Of course, wonderful beaches, charming sights and amazing nature…but probably something else?…Well, we can give you a hint. This Greek island is well-known for its rich history and it’s a home place for one of the 7 world wonders. Do you know the answer already? The Colossus of Rhodes!

However, this place offers a lot of other attractions. So, what for to wait…let’s have a brief overview of the island right now. Enjoy!

Rhodes is located in the Dodecanese, on the eastern part of the Aegean Sea. In the northern part of this island you can find a well-preserved medieval city. The island is 50 kilometers long and has attractions for all tastes: monuments, beaches, restaurants and bars, and even mountains perfect for nature lovers. The Greek islands, on the other hand, are one of the top destinations worldwide, as they can be considered as some of the most beautiful in the world. They also have a very pleasant weather conditions throughout the year, which make this place perfect for sailing. The population is very friendly and welcoming, so you’ll have the opportunity to discover this picturesque Mediterranean culture, and the Greek cuisine is something worth trying. What are you waiting for?

Plenty of tourists are highly attracted by this charming destination ideal for a boat rental in Greece. Here you will enjoy the Aegean sea and its pristine crystalline waters, varied landscapes and great beaches (243 km along the coastline), diversified flora and fauna. Rhodes became popular many years ago, so nowadays the local infrastructure is really well-developed. It’s a fact and it also includes maritime sphere meaning the ports facilities and services.

The distance between Rhodes and some other cities:

  • Athens 460 km
  • Cyprus 380 km
  • Turkey 18 km
Mediterranean landscape, Rhodes (Greece)

Mediterranean landscape, Rhodes (Greece)

Among the best beaches of the island we especially distinguish:


It’s a “Blue flag” beach mainly due to its cleanliness. You definitely have to visit this paradise! This beach is extended for many kilometres along the coastline and has umbrellas and canteens.


It’s a sandy beach that can be found to the east of Rhodes city. Agathi offers umbrellas, canteens and deckchairs.


The average length of this beach is about 4 km. It’s a great place to practice some water sports, it has umbrellas, sunbeds, cafes and restaurants. Definite fun!


This beach is located nearby the best hotels on Rhodes which adds an additional guarantee of high quality. Ialyssos is especially recommended for surfing due to the windy weather.


This is another example of a “Blue flag” beach that amazes by its palms and pines. The distance from the capital (Rhodes) is just 10 km that makes it easy reachable for the sailing enthusiasts.

pictorial harbors of small greek islands - Skiathos

Pictorial harbors of the small Greek islands – Skiathos

Rhodes is the place to be. You can go sightseeing discovering the wonders of the past, practice some water sports or simply relax sipping some drinks in a cosy and welcoming Greek taverna. By the way, Greek cuisine is a great example of the healthy Mediterranean diet so suitable for those who care about their weight and want to eat delicious meals at the same time. Well, it’s so tasty that you will forget about the calories, especially taking into account that the active lifestyle of the sailing vacations will burn them off!

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You can choose among a wide range of boats that includes: Bavaria 38, Bavaria 39 Cruiser and Bavaria 40 among others. Normally, the total number of passengers on-board is 8 (including a skipper). Even though each boat model is special and possesses its own characteristics, the majority of them have 3 double cabins, 1 salon and 2 WC.

Additionally, in the price of the boat charter are includes the following expenses:

  • sleep on board
  • cleaning
  • skipper

The modern interior design of our boats reflects the aesthetics and represents a refreshing addition to your sailing vacations in Greece. Other features include high maneuverability and the speed.

So, don’t you want to experience something new? You can rent a boat in Rhodes and have a great experience, sailing the Greek islands.

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Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes

Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes