Whether you’re a seasoned yachting veteran or new to the boating world a yacht charter in the Mediterranean has the variety and blend to cater for all.

Mediterranean yacht charter

From the tranquil waters and highly-cultured towns on the Spanish and French coasts, the marvelous Balearic islands and the rich aromas wafting along the Italian peninsular, to the jagged yet beautiful Istrian coast in Croatia, and to the jaw-dropping beauty of the Greek islands and the Turkish waters, a yacht charter in the Mediterranean has it all!

However, what makes a yacht charter in the Mediterranean so appealing is its phenomenal climate. Although best avoided in the scorching peak of summer, the spring and autumn months are a joy to experience with the sun bronzing your skin alongside a fresh, pleasant breeze. Without being overbearing, wind speeds are generally sufficient to enable smooth navigation on a Mediterranean charter. Certainly, the Balearic Islands are recommended for novices, whilst the demanding seas east of Italy provide a sturdy yet safe challenge for more experience boaters.

An overabundance of activities and sites to see will keep those of all ages and interests occupied and absorbed by the region´s wealth of beauty during a Mediterranean charter holiday. Whether that´s the deluge of hn the Mediterranean. Whether that´s the deluge of historical landmarks on Sardinia, Ibiza´s legendary nightlife, the fascinating cultural hot-pot that is Turkey or the simple tranquility of the Greek islands you will not be disappointed on a yacht charter in the Mediterranean.

So what are you waiting for? Hop aboard, join those with the know-how and experience travel in the most exciting and self-satisfying way. An enriching and joyous vacation awaits you and we guarantee that a yacht charter in the Mediterranean will be remembered for a lifetime!