When going for a yacht charter, there are some issues you should take into account during your stay on board the boat that probably might be unexpected if you are going for a sailing trip for the first time. For beginners in the yacht charter world, we have prepared some advices to help them to get ready for the first sailing adventure.

Yacht charter holidays

  • Fuel. When renting a boat, it is usually given with a full tank, so when you finish your yacht charter holidays, you have to return the boat with a full fuel tank again.
    Fuel consumption depends on the yacht model and some other conditions, but normally sailboat fuel cost for a one-week charter make between 100 and 200 €. Catamarans usually spend a bit more: with a reasonable consumption about 200 – 300€ per week. If you are renting a motor boat, you have to be ready to spend more to cover the fuel cost since motorboats use only the engine power to move. The consumption depends on the motorboat model, size and distances you are planning to  make.
  • Water consumption. It is another important issue sailing tourists should consider before leaving the port. The water consumption depends on the boat model as well as the number of people on board, but most likely you will need to fill the water tank once during your trip therefore you should plan a stop in any port that offers this service, when you are about in a halfway of your sailing route.
  • Electric appliances. Usually only larger boats (those over 15 metres) have a generator that allows using all type of electric appliances. The rest of the boats have standard 12 V supply, so you’ll need to use a 12-volt lighter type adapter for connecting low-power devices, such as cameras, mobile phones or laptops. The high-power devices you’ll be able to use only in the port.
  • Bathroom. You will probably find surprising that a shower on a boat normally consists of a simple hose connected to the sink faucet. The water falls down directly on the floor and flows away through a drain in the middle of the bathroom’s floor. On some larger and more luxurious boats as well as on gulets you can find also a normal shower stream.
  • Litter and waste. Please note that you can’t throw anything over the boat in the sea. All type of waste should be kept on the boat until you reach a port where you can throw it. If possible, try to keep the garbage in a place sheltered from the sun as it can cause smells, and always try to separate different types of materials so that they can be recycled later. In this way we help to maintain the sea clean and unpolluted.
  • Bed linen and towels. Depending on your boat rental conditions, the bed linen and towels can be included or excluded from the rental price. For example, when booking a boat on aBoatTime website, on the search results page you will see the list of the boats with information on which elements are included in your booking. If bed linen is included, it will be indicated there. If it is not and you don’t want to take it with you, there is an option to book the bedclothes and towels as an extra for a little charge. You can choose these and other extras in the second step of your booking. Some boats offer packages of extra services, usually called a “Welcome Pack” or a “Comfort Pack”, or sometimes a “Transit Log”, which apart from bedclothes and towels can include final cleaning, outboard engine and some other elements.

If you have any other questions about your yacht charter trip, visit the “Advice” section on aBoatTime website.