Imagine that you have a lot of free time and money to spend, so you seat down with your group of techy friends and decide that you want to beat a World Record, but you are not quite sure about what. I’m pretty sure that, no matter how high or desperate you are, you would never come up with this idea:

A group of friends from Emeryville (California), put their hands on the task of building the worlds fastest “amphibious” car. Yes, like it sounds.

So, after a huge ammount of time spent on CAD design and $260.000 they ended up with some vehicle capable of reaching 180 mph on the ground and 45mph on water… the only problem is that fortunately or unfortunately, there isn’t a governing body that officially recognizes such an acomplishment, therefore, the “Sea Lion” (that’s its name), might be now condemed to the anonimate.

We can ignore some technical dificulties, and tell you that they decided to implement a 1974 Mazda RX3 engine into a completelly newly designed chasis made of aluminium. They included a GPS so they could “oficially” calculate the speed records and some really cool stuff like a fighter pilot style stick to control the floating experience.

You might feel a bit realiefedd knowing that this new machine only has one seat, and therefore you might never be lucky enought to test the experience, but you can have a look at this youtube video, which might give you a glince of what we are talking about. Enjoy!

Youtube: Sea Lion

Source: and Fantasy Junction