Each type of travelling requires different equipment, and so do sailing holidays. When packing your luggage, apart from including appropriate clothing, there are some other things you shouldn’t forget to take with you. To help inexperienced sailing tourists to prepare for their yacht charter holidays, aBoatTime has prepared a list of essential things to put in your suitcase so that nothing bothers relaxation on board a boat.

Clothing and footwear. Cloth is usually the first thing you pack when going for holidays, and the one you probably think about most. Depending on the season you go for your charter holiday you will need to prepare different clothes. It is advisable to choose layered clothing so that you can take something off when the sun is high and have something to put on when it’s gone. Note that even in summer nights at the sea can be fresh, so take a pair of waterproof jackets and wool sweaters.

You should wear comfortable shoes, preferably the ones that are meant for the nautical activities or shoes with a pattern sole to prevent slipping. Sandals will be very useful when walking along the beach.
Don’t forget a very important clothing item for sunbathing and taking baths in the sea – the swimsuit!

  • Sun protection. Protecting yourself and your skin from the sun is essential when spending time on a boat therefore a hat and sunglasses are items you shouldn’t forget to pack. The suncream is also a must to avoid sunburns since you spend many hours in direct contact with the sun.
  • Documentation. Identity documents such as the identity card, passport or the driving license are essential, and if you plan to do some sports activities that require a licence, for example, fishing or diving make sure you have the necessary permits with you. If you go for a bareboat charter, you have to carry an appropriate nautical license for the type of the boat you are renting.
  • Boat’s rental agreement, contact information of the port authorities and the charter agency, nautical charts and guidebooks of the places you are planning to visit alongside with credit cards and some cash for your planned expenses are other essentials to take with you.
  • Medicines. Put in your luggage medicines for some common health problems one can experience when travelling, such as nausea, feeling ill, bowel problems, sore throat, cough, fever or allergies. This will help you to avoid spoilt holidays because of the problems that can be easily fixed. It is also worth taking an aerosol and other remedies in order to protect yourself from insects.
  • Shopping list. When you do your shopping before stepping on a boat, make sure you have plenty of water and ice included to hydrate yourself constantly. Take into account that places for saving food are generally quite small therefore avoid bringing large packages and containers as you’ll face problems to store them. It is better to choose small individual packages which are easier to use and occupy less space.
  • Appliances. If you take a mobile phone, camera or any other electrical equipment, remember that you will need a standard 12-volt lighter adapter or a converter to connect low-power devices because most of the boats have standard 12 V supply (with an exception of larger boats of 15 m and more which usually have a generator).
  • Leisure and relaxation equipment. Include in your packing list a couple of books, your favorite music, beach balls and other games, which will help you and your crewmates to spend a good time during your yacht charter holiday. If you want to practice fishing or diving, remember to bring the necessary equipment. In some cases it can be included in the boat equipment, in this case you will see it indicated when booking a boat.
  • Other helpful things. Accessories for sewing, scissors, flashlights, another pair of contact lenses (if you use them) or rubber gloves to facilitate working with the anchors are other objects that you might consider putting in your luggage.

At aBoatTime we hope this little guide will be useful and will let you avoid any possible problem onboard so that you can enjoy your sailing vacation at the maximum. For more information visit aBoatTime Advice page.