You love adventures, new experiences, discovering new places and meeting new people…You’re keen on interesting holidays full of breathtaking emotions that won’t leave anybody indifferent… Or you just want to relax for a while enjoying a peaceful environment… Well, you can find this and much more in Malta… Unforgettable days are waiting for you if you choose a yacht charter in Malta and discover its charming corners.

Malta landscape

Photo made by Eje Gustafsson

Why Malta?

Malta… This island is located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea and forms a part of the Maltese archipelago that consists of several islands (7 in total). The main ones are Malta itself, Gozo and Comino. These three islands are inhabited. At the same time, sailing around the region, you can discover a tiny Fifla island. You’ll be accompanied by the perfect weather all over the year. Moreover, these places suit the needs of the experienced and inexperienced sailors in equal measure. Excellent sailing conditions permit to enjoy navigation and totally disconnect from worries.

One of the most interesting features that will demand your attention is its astonishing coastlines with a number of bays, caves and small beaches. Sailing from one place to another, slowly drifting on the waves or moving towards a particular destination you’d like to visit, in any case Malta will amaze you with its undisputed beauty. Being on a board, you’ll be able to admire the difference between the morning and evening sailing. Sunrise and sunset in Malta are incredible and at the same time you can be sure that this place is not overcrowded by tourists even in the high season so nothing will disturb your privacy despite the high population density surpassing other european countries. That’s important, isn’t it?

If you are not afraid of challenges, why don’t you think about participation in a sport competition? For example, Rolex Middle Sea Race or Malta–Syracuse Race that take place every year.

Photo made by ramonbaile

Photo made by ramonbaile

A bit of history

Maltese history wasn’t very simple due to the numerous battles for independence that resulted in a resolution of 1964. Since that year, the place possesses its sovereignty. In 2004 Malta joined the European Union. This island represents a mix of cultures and different influences. For instance, it’s possible to notice the Greek and African influences. Strategic position of the archipelago transformed it into a so called “tidbit” in the Southwest Mediterranean. Consequently, it was ruled by different states over centuries. Rich history of the region is another reason to visit Malta. For example, when you want to take a rest from your sailing adventures and go inland, you can delight some UNESCO heritage monuments among which is especially stands out the capital – Valletta city. It’s situated in the center of the eastern part of the main Maltese island and inspires its visitors by the unique style and architecture with buildings that date back to the sixteenth century. Even though the prevailing style is Baroque, other influences are also noticeable.

Culture, art, sport and food are, probably the most important parts of the Maltese daily life and traditions. If you want to understand better the Maltese lifestyle and character, we recommend you visit local festivals and entertainment activities that mainly consist of dances, food tastings and fireworks. At the same time, Maltese folklore is very rich due to the historical heritage and taking in consideration local citizens that put a lot of effort in, in order to preserve national aesthetics, customs and traditions. You can taste Malta by savouring some traditional dishes that go apart from the Mediterranean gastronomy.

Sailing in Malta

As for navigation in Maltese waters themselves, well, you can rely on security and high standards. There is a special Valletta Ports Vessel Traffic Service (Valletta VTS) that helps to guarantee the quality of the conditions. Going a bit further into detail, TM P&Y Directorate establishes the norms for sailing within the Maltese waters and meets all international and european regulations and requirements. Additionally, the local port is fully-equipped with the necessary facilitie,s providing plenty of berth places. Navigational Assistance Service (NAS) will give you support in case you need it. At the same time, International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation serves to satisfy your needs and help to solve any possible problems.

Photo made by KNOW MALTA (Peter Grima)

Photo made by KNOW MALTA (Peter Grima)

In general, Maltese waters are well-known due to the calm winds and minimum tides all year round. However, you may face some noticeable currents on the West Coast but only nearby the coast. Do you want to check it and discover your own Malta? Just catch the right wind and go for a yacht charter in Malta with aBoatTime!