Typical greek food is delicious and full of variation, with influences from other cuisines such as Italian, Middle Eastern and Balkan. This heritage has given place to a cuisine rich in ingredients and a distinct blend of flavours that is held in regard by the rest of the world. If you really want to enjoy the  Greek culture and tradition on your journey through its islands, here is a few great ways to start.

Situated between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, Greece has attracted the influence of diverse cultures over its long history, which can be enjoyed today by trying its wide variety of culinary offerings. Italy, Turkey, Romania and the nearby nations in the middle east are just some of the regions responsible for defining Greek cuisine. Also, Greek cuisine forms a part of the Mediterranean cuisine with an abundance of   greens and vegetables, such as aubergines, onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes and aromatic herbs. Equally, olive oil forms an important part of many of their most famous dishes. So that you can get to know and enjoy this culture better on your travels, we give you some great dishes to start with on this gastronomical greek journey.

Moussaka is probably the most famous dish in Greek cuisine. It is a fresh and healthy dish, similar to  lasagne but made from aubergine instead of pasta and full of vegetables. It is accompanied by herbs, pita bread and Ouzo, a typical greek liquor.

The second delicacy to point out is Gyros, a type of roast pork, accompanied by onions and tomatoes bathed in a creamy herb sauce. This dish is very typical of Turkey, especially the yoghurt  sauce in which it is covered and you can easily find it in cities such as AthensRhodesCorfu and Mykonos. Amongst the specialities in Greek cuisine we find soups and stews such as Fasolada, a variation of the spanish fabada which is made with  beans, celery, carrots and tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with herbs. Also Fakes are we worth trying, a stew of lentils with olives and vinegar.

The starters are another way by which we can get a feel for the greek cuisine via an endless amount of dishes for all tastes, and to  whet our appetite before the meal.  All together they are referred to as  Mezze and take their origins from Turkish and Oriental cooking, The most popular dishes are made up of fish or sausage in salt, accompanied by greens and bathed in a smooth, yoghurty sauce.

A great meal is always accompanied by a great drink. In Greece, the first thing you will find on you table is Ouzo, a strong drink, between 37 and 50 percent and extremely rich in its anise flavour. It is extremely popular and you will find that it accompanies most of your dishes.