Without any doubt, Greece is one of our favourite destinations. We, at aBoatTime, are inspired by its unrepeatable beauty that also attracts plenty of tourists. This country is full of charming and magical places that you just cannot miss. That’s why we recommend you go through this article that will transport you into the world of antiquity and philosophy. From our point of view, these greek corners are some of the most spectacular of the whole world. Well, let’s start our excursion.

1. Acropolis (Athens)

Getaway from the present

Getaway from the present

From all the Acropolises situated in Greece, the one in Athens can be considered as one of the most emblematic due to the rich history and its importance for the greek population. In the past, Acropolis was a city located in the heights that had two well-defined functions such as worship places host and city protection. Without any doubt, this destination is worth to visit if you’ve decided to go sailing in Greece. aBoatTime advises you to start your journey with it.

2. Poseidon Temple (Athens)

This place was mentioned for the first time in Odyssey, a masterpiece of Homer that tells about Odysseus’s adventures. According to the legend, Egeo had launched himself into the sea exactly  from the Cape Sounion. His son Theseus had promised to come back with white sails hoisted in a case of victory in the battle with Minotaurus and, on the contrary, with black ones if he failed and died. Finally, Theseus completely forgot to change the sails that resulted in horrible consequences because Egeo thought that his son was killed. That’s why this history was reflected in mythology and you can add Poseidon Temple to your “must-visit” list.

3. Crete

Crete is the biggest greek island and popular touristic destination. It offers a lot of leisure activities to make your yacht charter memorable. You have two alternatives in order to arrive there. The first option is to sail from Santorini which is, to our mind, the most interesting one. However, the second option is to fly from Rhodes which is more conventional and common. We, at aBoatTime, suggest every adventurer rents a boat and goes sailing from wonderful Santorini island. You’ll love this experience!

4. Meteora

Meteora has several great monasteries that are suspended in the air or, at least, it looks like. They are located in the northern part of Greece and were named as Unesco heritage sites in 1988. They possess vital importance for the Greek Orthodox monasticism, where the habits remain the same from the XV century. There is nothing alike.

5. Paros

Practically in the middle of the Aegean sea we can find a small Paros island that spreads the charming beauty around. As for a precise location, it’s encountered in the south from Delos and in the north from Naxos. Paros forms part of the Cyclades archipelago and amazes its visitors with 120 km of wonderful coastline that makes it one of the most desirable Mediterranean spots.

6. Mykonos

Wonderful romantic corner

Wonderful romantic corner

Mykonos is among our favourites due to its potential and multiple opportunities that it offers. The local landscapes seem from a fairytale. Its authentic white windmills constantly moving because of the sea breeze is something special that attracts plenty of tourists. In addition, the local fauna and pelicans in particular add the finishing touch to the uniqueness of the place that awaits your arrival!

7. Thira (Santorini)

Sunny paradise

Sunny paradise

Santorini is an archipelago with a small surface area that has a round shape. One of the most interesting features to stress is its volcanic origin. It’s located in the south of the Aegean sea and its unique beauty is the first thing you notice while approaching the island. The white houses spread around Santorini with the bright sun shining throughout the year create an authentic peaceful environment that can hardly be found anywhere else. We, at aBoatTime, are convinced that Thira will please everybody who’d like to visit Greece. You’ll remember this sailing trip for the rest of your life! Fact!

Well, now you have an idea about the best places of interest in Greece. Are you still hesitating? Visiting these magical corners of the world will really be worth your time!