If you are a fanatic of the sailing world and this year you have decided to embark on an adventure the the seas of Europe, but on top of that you are a fan of technology, then this post is dedicated to you. We present to you a list of sailing apps that, whilst unfortunately not making your phone waterproof, may just help you to enjoy your sailing holiday a little more: whether that be finding you a great diving site or a traditional restaurant.

Food Apps

Trying and mixing new flavours and smells is another one of the joys that travelling offers us; especially sailing. However, if we don’t know the local language nor area we run the risk of of ordering the first thing on the menu. The solution is brought to us by Google Translate and their lens powered translator. This app allows us to read a menu (or any other writing for that matter) and have it translated into your own language in real time. Incredible! It is available in Google Play, iTunes and Windows Phone for just £0.59.

The following useful app, Yelp, is fantastic come the hour of looking for a restaurant or bar with god reviews and at a good price. This social network has users from all over the world that evaluate the food and price of all prices relative to the experience that they had there. As well, it shows the address and contact details for making sure you grab a table. Whenever you arive in Sicily, Corfu or whichever holiday destination, you will have the option of knowing which restaurant to head to first or where to eat a specific dish without the fear of making a mistake. It is available for download on  Google Play, iTunes and Windows Phone.

Flickr- Jorge Mejía

Flickr- Jorge Mejía

Mooring the Boat

To moor the boat we give you Amarre: it is always convenient to know which ports we have close by and what facilities are available at each one and that is exactly what this app does. It uses your phone’s GPS signal to indicate which ports are nearby, how many boats are moored there and the technical specifications of each one such as maximum length and beam of the boats. It also offers contact information, weather and services available at port. It is available free on iTunes.

Learning the Marine Traffic Signals

Another useful app for sailing beginners is Imray. With it you with be able to learn through diagrams and writing, the different the different maritime signals, the lights and other information that you should knowif you wish to be your own skipper some day. It is available for £2.99 on iTunes.

Route Planning

One of the essentials for planning your route and complete journey plan is Navionics Boating Europe, an application that allows you to mark out the complete journey with all necessary information that is needed about climate, tides and prevailing winds updated each and every hour. Also, the GPS positioning informs you at all times and also which ports are nearby. But best of all is that you can put on your sailors hat and feel like an expert seaman by sharing your logbook with all of your facebook friends. It is available at Google Play and iTunes for £27.49.



In the case that you are still unsure of where to sail on the Spanish coast, the sailing app Blue-Spain allows you to search via a social networl in which the users commentwhich beaches, coves, bays and corners of this fabulous coast you should visit. Via this extensive ranking it will help you to decide the route, assuring that you do not miss out on a romantic, mysterious or partying journey during your sailing holiday. It is available for £2.49 on iTunes.

Another application  similar but where you are an unconditional follower is Minube. On computer as well as mobile, Minube has been established as the biggest travel social network in the world. Its simplicity is the key to its success: the useers upload their photographs with a small text that explains the destination briefly. So from a glance you can find out where the best street party in Split is, where to eat the best pizza in Split, or which is the best Beach in Montenegro. It is available free on Windows Phone, Google Play or iTunes.

The Best Sunset Photos

Night Camera is an application thought to improve the quality of photos taken at night or with a low exposure. If we assume that the unset aboard a boat is one of the most spectacular images to experience atleast once in your life, then to have a camera catches the twilight tones at different exposure levels and combine them as one is a great piece of kit to have. The result is spectaular. Dare to try it free on Google Play or for 59p on iTunes.



Postagram is a very sought after app for those interestes in the classics. It allows you to send a personalized postcard with a photo taken from your camera and a piece of text for 99p to whichever address in Europe. So, if we are in Bodrum and we want to send a personalized postcard with this wonderful landscape in then you just snap a photo from your phone and write a small message, then, in just a couple of days you can be sure that your loved one will receive your holiday memory. Find it free on iTunes and Google Play.

Lastly, other indespensable apps to take on your sailing holidays are El Tiempo and Knot Time, apps that teach you quickly how to do all of the necessary sailing knots.