On various occasions people have been asking about the places of the nautical fairs, the exact dates and what is displayed on the each of them. At aBoatTime we understand the importance of these events, that’s why we’ve decided to dedicate this post to the Top-10 International Fairs dedicated to the world of navigation in all the aspects:

1. Boat Show in London, UK

The London International Boat Show celebrated its 58th birthday in 2012. The English capital exhibits the delights of sailing on a yearly basis. With an average of 450 stands full of the latest developments, the organizers of this Boat Show also use ExCeL facilities.

Here you can find wonderful sailboats, speedy motorboats and the last catamaran models that will definitely delight all sailing fans. Moreover, this exhibition also shows the ultimate innovations in deck equipment, electronics, tourism, charter sailing vacation and the countless sailing and navigation courses.

Certainly it’s one of the most anthological Boat Shows in Europe that you can experience each year in January.

Boat Show in London

Boat Show in London

2. Boat show in Dusseldorf, Germany

This exhibition takes place in January every year within the local Fair Centre. Dusseldorf Boat Show is probably the largest nautical fair in Europe which dazzles its audience with new trends of the sector.

The content is really varied and exposes motors, electronic equipment and the last sonars and radars for fishing or sailing. Everybody will find there something interesting that would satisfy their needs.

Without any doubt it´s one the most impressive shows at the European and International level.

Boat Show in Dusseldorf

Boat Show in Dusseldorf

3. Boat Show Goteborg, Sweden

This exhibition is held in Sweden every February. The show captivates attention of the nautical sector fans by exposing the ultimate in sailing and motorboats, new yacht charter routes and so on.

At the Goteborg Boat Show are several fairground facilities of the local Exhibition Centre (Svenska Massan Goteborg Swedish Exhibition Centre) which is well-known in this part of Sweden. In this show we have a chance to contemplate the latest innovations related with the maritime world as well as industry-leading technologies.

It’s totally recommended if you love the sea.

Boat Show in Goteburg

Boat Show in Goteburg

4. Boat Show Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon BOAT SHOW is, for sure, the most important boat show in Portugal. It is usually held every year on the first week of February. The main mission of the show is to provide detailed information about the world of navigation and marine industry. The huge assortment on display surprises by its diversity ranging from sailboats to fishing boats and catamarans or any other vehicle made to enjoy the sea.

The fair is held on the grounds of FIL (International Lisbon Fair) and all the best brands are presented there.

Moreover, the mentioned event is one of the most significant within the region.

5. SEATEC Carrara, shipyard and yacht fair in Italy

Seatec exhibition is held in Carrara, Italy, and it’s home for the International Exhibition of technology, subcontracting, manufacturing and design of ships, yachts and boats.  It has already been hosted 10 times, showing the importance and significance of the fair on a regular basis. The event is hosted every February by Fiera. This fair represents everything related with the industry in all its aspects, from the basic boats to special electronic equipment.

This is unique and the most exclusive Italian fair focused on manufacturing companies, shipyards and ships. Seatec is positioned as a special event in Europe for professionals and is also useful to make them know each other and create bonds of networking.

If you are an industry professional, you have no excuse to miss it!

6. Boat Show in Ghent, Belgium

Being held on the third week of February, the Belgian Boat Show is in its 24th year 24, making this event a true classic for all the sea and sailing amateurs.

This event demonstrates the latest trends and developments from several angles. There you can find all kinds of boats, materials or marine electronics.

The fair also shows all kinds of boats ranging from basic sailboats to outboards and inboards. There is no doubt that the best industry professionals will attend such a great convention.

7. Boat Show Rome, Italy

The fourth week of February is characterized by the Big Blu salone di Roma della nautica e del mare that takes place in the premises of the Nuova Fiera di Roma. This great event is proud to present to the public the latest developments in the sector.

The best professionals from all around the world are highly attracted to this important exhibition in the beautiful Italian capital and there are no excuses not to attend it.

Big Blu 2012 salone di Roma della nautica e del mare is a major event. The show is decorated with the help of more than 1000 companies, 700 boats are presented on average and each year it is estimated that roughly 100,000 fans of the nautical world assist the show. Incredible numbers for this event!

8. Boat Show Copenhagen, Denmark

 This Danish sailing event is probably one of the most leading in the maritime world, at least in Denmark and Europe. The latest nautical releases are presented every year during the last week of February and the first week of March, the venue is campus Bella center of Copenhagen.

In attending this important event, you will find boats of all classes, different equipment and cutting-edge pointers engines or sport inventory for snorkeling, fishing or scuba diving, special clothing, or even sailing courses for all tastes.

If you are truly passionate about the sea, you have to take a look at this event!

Boat Show in Copenhague

Boat Show in Copenhague

9. Budapest Boat Show, Hungary

The Hungarian capital hosts this sailing event on the first week of March, on a yearly basis. Budapest Boat Show is held in HUNGEXPO and captivates the audience with the latest vessels as well as with some electronic equipment for the professional and recreational navigation.

It can be described as a very relaxed maritime event available for the more diverse audience. For everybody!

Boat Show in Budapest

Boat Show in Budapest

10. Boat Show Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Spain’s mainland also has its own boat show, in fact there are several. Among the most important are encountered in Denia and Madrid to mention just some. However, some experts highlight the event in Palma de Mallorca that is held every April.

Mallorca International Boat Show takes place on the last week of April and the first week of May and is located in perfect surroundings of the beautiful Spanish island with wonderful weather all year round. Palm Harbor, the show venue, delights the audience with its cutting-edge advances in the field of recreational sailing as well as with the latest trends in navigation materials.

Well, now you know the Top 10 European nautical shows and have no excuse not to visit at least some of them.

Consider yourself a true fan of the sea and navigation… Are you really going to miss these events?