1. Nungwi, Zanzíbar, Tanzania

Undoubtedly this place can be called a paradise of the African coast. The sand of the Nungwi beach in Tanzania is so fine that it’s practically possible to hear the movements of the grains that produce a similar sound as the wings of crickets at night.

The water of the coast is so translucent that transforms this place into a natural swimming pool which is able to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. At the same time, its fauna and maritime flora make Nungwi an ideal diving destination.

Nungwi beach in Zanzíbar

Photo made by Matt Kieffer

2. National Park of Tayrona, Santa Marta, Colombia

It’s a deserted, magic and calm beach. The tinkling and swaying of the waves will remind you that you are in an unique natural setting. The forest embraces the sea shore as the most precious treasure.

National Park of Tayrona is a classical Caribbean beach with everything necessary to make you relax as nowhere else. The sand is very fine and white as salt whereas the water is incomparably cristalline.

The normal temperature within this spot stays at the level of around 29º that finishes an ideal picture.

Santa Marta beach in Colombia

Photo made by David Shankbone

3. Rodas, Cíes islands, Galicia. Spain

This beach is well-known as Galician Caribbean. Cies islands will please even a tough tourist with its charming beauty. The local waters are turquoise coupled with the whiteness and neatness of the sand create a colour mix that is transformed  into new sensations not experienced before.

The Guardian rated this place as the best beach in the world and there is no wonder why.

Islas Cíes beach rodas

Photo made by sesargz

4. Aroa, Aitutaki, Cook islands

The coral reef with a turquoise lake Aroa, located not far from the beach, adds even more beauty to this unique sea bank that will impress every lucky visitor.This beach can be called a dream destination, or even a truly magical place. There you’ll have an opportunity to practice snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and much more.

Aroa beach in Aitutaki, Cook islands

Photo made by marcia taylor

5. Whitehaven beach, Queensland, Australia

Whitehaven Beach is one of the destinations that should be added in your must list. The calm pristine water in conjunction with the sun rays and the soft sand make this place one of the best beaches in the world.

It’s the most visited and immortalized beach in Australia, a title that is difficult to achieve in this country. This place especially stands out due to the wonderful marine caves. Even more, if we had a shaker and could mix the sun, pristine water, sand and nature in the purest state, the result could be Whitehaven beach.

Beach australia Whitehaven beach in Queensland

Photo made by Wicker Paradise

6. Apella beach, Karpathos, Greece

We can find Apella beach between Rhodes and Crete island, precisely, it’s situated in the one of the most spectacular Mediterranean coasts.

Its rocks, mixed with the sea, surrounded by its pine forests and velvety sand make it a must place to visit.

For aBoatTime this beach for sure is one of the best in comparison with the rest.

Apella beach in Karpathos in Greece

Photo made by Miemo Penttinen

7. Calo des moro, Ibiza, Balearic islands

Calo des moro beach in Ibiza can be found among the most marvelous seaside sites. Without any doubt, this is a place to be, a real beach according to the scientific description from a dictionary of what a beach is.

Some people say that entrepreneurs turned a truck of sand in the neighbourhood, built their hotels and…spared the pool, something that adds more quality to the local water and the sand.

Well, we can only finish this small description with a phrase…It’s worth to make a visit, come and try this unforgettable experience!

Ibiza beach Calo des moro

Photo made by Tommie Hansen

8. La Pelosa, Sardinia, Italy

You will notice a charming La Pelosa shore between two islands. The local sand is so fine that it’s practically possible to strain it, as about the water, it’s really cristalline so that even reminds a bottled mineralized water.

If we pay attention to the panoramic view, quickly arrive to the conclusion that this place was created to forget about the rest of the world.

Beach in Sardinia, La pelosa

Photo made by Michela Simoncini

9. Macarelleta, Menorca, Balearic islands

Macarella’s strategic location in only 500 metres from its “mother” attracted our special attention. The small cave that doesn’t exceed 30 metres in width, will transport you to the most beautiful place you’ve ever imagined. Peace and colors are like nature gifts that are hidden in a magical way with the aim to create a special atmosphere with very spectacular caves.

Beach in Balearic Islands Macarelleta in Menorca

Photo made by Matteo Merighi

10. Santa María, Cuba

Santa María…it’s all about the second largest Coral Reef in the world, that permits to evaluate its diversity, mainly speaking about the flora and marine fauna it offers. Magnificent Santa Maria cay is one of the best places to practice the real diving.

Here the beauty can be tracked in every corner, so that the Cuban government transformed this place into a natural reserve. You can access this small and cozy coastline via the motorway that was constructed above the maritime rocks. These unique landscapes will definitely impress you.

Santa María beach in Cuba

Photo made by Laura.rr

So, now you have an idea about the best of the best in terms of the beaches worldwide. At aBoatTime, we just picked some of the most spectacular sites according to our mind. You may ask which is the best finally…Well, depends on your taste and preferences…We love them all!