One of the best destinations to travel to in autumn on your own rented boat is the Caribbean. This is due to its warm climate, pleasant temperatures offered by the Caribbean Sea, and golden sandy beaches and incredible landscapes that make this destination a paradise on earth. So in this post I will recommend the best beaches in the Caribbean to you that you should visit on your sailing holiday. Because who wouldn’t want spend a few days relaxing, sailing and sunbathing on any of them?

  1. The Baths (British Virgin Islands)

This striking Caribbean landscape is characterized by huge rocks, small coves and beautiful natural lagoons. Many people believe that this beach is the bet beach in the Caribbean, it is located in the Devil’s Bay park on the stunning volcanic island of Virgin Gorda. Here you can enjoy different activities like hiking and diving in one of its caves or on the contrary, enjoy a relaxing day bathing in its waters.


  1. Paraíso Beach (Cuba)

This beach 25 kilometers long and is located on the island of Cayo Largo, belonging to Cuba, it is often many people’s favourite beach in the Caribbean. Here you will find views that you could put on a postcard, the blue water and golden sands are surrounded by unspoiled nature that will surprise you. This beach is abundant with different kinds of fauna and flora which adds to the beauty of the area.


  1. Flamenco Beach (Puerto Rico)

Flamenco Beach is located on the island of Culebra, less than twenty miles from Puerto Rico. This is a very popular destination for nautical tourism in the area, because of its clear waters that contrast with mountains in the background, belonging to the Culebra Natural Wildlife Refuge. On this beach you can practice activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, rent a bike or simply observe the wildlife that is abundant in the area. An advantage worth noting is that visiting by boat, you are able to access remote places that you cannot by other means, an extra reason to make this as your next vacation destination.


  1. Horseshoe Bay Beach (Bermudas)

Bermuda has some of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean, it is something known all over the world, because it is one of the most desirable location for a large number of tourists. This is the most famous beach in Bermuda because the sands have a slight pink hue and the cliffs are very beautiful that contrast with the deep blue sea. In addition, due to the variety of fish and marine species that can be found, it is a must for divers around the world.


  1. Trunk Bay (St John Island)

This beach has everything anyone could ever search for on their ideal vacation, crystal clear waters and white sand surrounded by a stunning environment where nature takes center stage. Located on the island of Saint John, belonging to the US Virgin Islands, this beach has one of the most popular diving sites and is also surrounded by lush nature. This beach is very popular for sports such as snorkeling, which allows you to experience the wealth of flora and fauna, as there are signs submerged underwater that have information about its barrier reef and marine species.


  1. Eagle Beach (Aruba)

Eagle beach is famous for its cleanliness, spaciousness and spectacular views. One of the best known features of this beach is the presence of different species of turtles, they are also protected by the government. This beach belongs to the Netherlands, it has a fine white, and is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, which gives a heavenly atmosphere and adds to the stunning beauty. A great advantage of this is its pleasant climate, which varies minimally throughout the year, and this is an area in which it is common to see tourists enjoying their holidays and doing different motorized water sports.


  1. Pink Beach (Barbuda)

Located on the island of Barbuda, you can find this 13km long beach, which is the perfect place to relax in the sun during your vacation in a rental boat. Its name comes from the color of the sand, its distinctly pink colour is because of the tiny shells scattered along the shore. Another great advantage of this beach is how quiet it can be, because it is not of the most traveled by tourist spots and there are no nearby buildings that can break the natural landscape.


  1. Seven Mile Beach (Jamaica)

It is located in Negril, Jamaica, and hosts one of the largest reefs in the Caribbean. This beach is a place of great tranquility, to which many of the tourists who visit, describe it as the perfect beach. One of the biggest attractions of this beach are the cliffs, where each year thousands of tourists flock to perform jumps and stunts. Moreover a number of artists and bands perform on the beach, mostly reggae music, which is typical of the country. Just by walking this beach you will find an indescribable pleasure, and enjoy the slow flowing of the waves or enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets you can witness throughout the Caribbean.


  1. Anse Chastanet (Santa Lucía)

This beach does not present the typical image of Caribbean beach that everyone has in mind, however, by no means does it have less charm. It features striking black sand, it is of volcanic origin and is surrounded by the Pitons, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004. It is a particularly popular beach for divers because of its amazing and varied seabed to dive in.


  1. Dover Beach (Barbados)

You will find this beautiful beach in Barbados. Dover Beach is famous for its clean, soft, white sand. The seawater is a perfect temperature  for swimming or diving in any time of year, or if you prefer any other sports activity like sailing, surfing or snorkeling, you can enjoy them here. You can also eat the typical cuisine of Barbados as there are several restaurants close to the beach.