One of the world’s most spectacular phenomena is the sun. The problem posed to enjoy a sunset is, certainly, to know the right time and place. When the Phoenicians founded Iboshim in 654 BC, they were unaware about the gift that they were granting to humanity, the best sunsets in the world. Being able to enjoy a sunset on Ibiza’s isle is definitely a unique experience. Thousands of people come every year to Ibiza to spend their holidays. Some sail, others dive, others just go to the beach to sunbathe, but at the end of their holidays they all agree on one thing, being able to witness a sunset. For those who have not yet been able to enjoy this spectacle, we provide you with this small guide in which, as an informative ‘safari’, we reveal to you the best places on the island so you can be part of such important phenomenon.

Beyond the now legendary sunset observed from Café del Mar, Sant Antoni de Portmany, there are several other places which we would like to highlight:

Cala Conta

You can only reach this cove by car, bus or ferry. As it is located in the west side of the island, the water will be very clean. The bus leaves from San Antoni and drops you off at the same cove. There, you can enjoy the beach bars and some drinks to the sound of Ravel’s Bolero. Simply spectacular.

Cala D’Hort

One of the most impressive enclaves throughout the island. The views in the bars of the creek will take you to a magical world. In front, you can see the island of Es Vedra only accessible by car taking the diversion at the fifth kilometer. It goes from San Jose to Es Cubells. The trip will be worth your while.

Cala Benirrás

Located about 7 km from San Miquel of Balansat, we found this magical spot, a sea inlet shaped in a U. On the shore, you will see small fish and if you try to touch them, you will feel their small bites that many people employ as massage. After an unforgettable day, you’ll see one of the world’s most fascinating sunsets.