Due to the special construction and a unique navigation experience, the Turkish gulets or schooners go beyond the classic concept of sailing. For this reason, aBoatTime has made it possible for their clients to charter a gulet and live this experience of sailing an authentic Turkish gulet not only in Turkey, but also in one of the most demanded Mediterranean yacht charter destination – Ibiza island (Balearic islands, Spain).

Gulet charter in Turkey

We offer two spectacular wooden boats available for charter that will delight all sailing enthusiasts :

  • Dream of Freedom“: completely handmade “ketch” type gulet, built in 1989 by the shipyard Gemi Tasdiknamesi, although only in 2007, after the complete refit and equipping with all the necessary amenities and technologies, it was fully ready to sail. Its capacity of up to 30 people with 8 double cabins makes it an ideal boat both for day and full week charters.
  • Alania“: another stunning gulet, built in 1989. The full refit in 2008 made it a highest standard cruise gulet, equipped with the latest technologies that allows very friendly and comfortable navigation.

Spacious deck of a Turkish guletThe concept of Turkish schooners can be described as classic boats equipped with all possible comfort. These sailboats, ranging in size from 15 to 45 meters, are made in Turkey by shipbuilders who have done it through the centuries, thus the boat design is based on traditional lines. These gulets are made according to the most stringent demands of the travelers, and now offer comfort and good taste, features that are hard to find in other classic boats.

The comfort of the schooner lies mainly in the space it offers as well as in the pleasure and unique experience of sailing a classic wooden vessel. Among the features that make it comfortable and secure, you can find spacious living saloon and high ceilings that facilitates ventilation, high boom and gunwales and convenient cabins.

There are many myths about these schooners which nowadays are built almost exclusively for rent.

The schooners have become an ideal boat for long sailing trips, also being great for short ones. Moreover, the Turkish gulets often are chosen as an alternative to traditional hotels for both leisure and corporate entertainment as the experience lived on board a spectacular wooden boat takes on another dimension.