Architecture, people, beaches, culture, landscapes, nightlife… We could continue forever. To convince you, we take you to a journey around the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Are you looking for a summer destination with sun and sea to combine day and night without any problem, and enjoying in exclusive marinas? All this islands offer beaches of crystal waters and unique characteristics, specially if what you want is a warm weather, beauty and dancing. Sail to the one that attracts you the most with aBoatTime, Aim high!


Santorini, Greece


On the south of the Aegean Sea, Santorini displays its majestic cliffs and views to the ancient volcano covered by the seas. Santorini can surely be considered as the jewel of the Cyclades, whose capital is Thira, one of the most beautiful places on the Aegean peninsula. On the volcano, specks of white are drawn as the hundreds of houses climb towards his peak. Under him, dark is the sand that owe him its origin. The Red Beach and the village of Pygros should not stay unvisited, where you can discover its people’s kindness. This island is very popular as well, thanks to the numerous churches from the XV to XVII century. There could not be a more perfect combination between art and sand.

Majorca's turquoise waters



The island of beauty. Its beaches, rocky keys and mountain panoramas make her one of the loveliest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. In Majorca, you can find exclusive spots like Puerto Portals, where celebrities like to enjoy a few gatherings. For the lovers of architecture, this island offers a tasty banquet; to start with the famous Bellver Castle with its round form or the Santa María de Palma de Mallorca Cathedral. But Majorca is more than just sea, the Tramuntana mountain range offers a view of splendid landscapes between villages of authentic charm. Undoubtedly, one of the Mediterranean islands with more variety.

Capri's cliffs

Capri, Italy


Facing the coast of the Sorrento peninsula stands Capri, an island of magical landscapes, a chosen destination for many figures like Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner, Jackie Kennedy or Grace Kelly. Whats stands out the most in it  are the Faralyoni rocks, the Blue Cavern, which was opened for visitors in 1826, the villas of Tiberious or Capri’s highest spot, Mount Solaro, that offers a magnificent view of the island.

Ancient Greek temple and church on the coast of Corfu, Greece



Corfu possesses an exuberant green and serene landscape with white-sand beaches. Quite a number of travelers consider it an authentic paradise. It is surrounded by nature that mixes with white houses and calm beaches. There we find the Ahileon Palace, one of the summer residences of Sissi, wife of the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph. Also the Ancient Fortress, the arches in Liston or the church of St Spyridon, dedicated to the city’s patroness.

Beach in Malta

Blue Lagoon Malta


Clean and warm waters, blue skies, flower-covered terraces, lone and calm streets; marvelous for walks and the enjoyment of solitude. Malta makes an authentic paradise for the lovers of scuba-diving in its clear and diverse depths. The island also concentrates delightful beaches and peaceful coves that make it feel like heaven. One of the most memorable places of the island is the Dingly cliffs, where impressive sunsets can be seen and close to the magnificent Hypogeum Temple with the sleeping Venus of Malta at the entrance.




This is the most cosmopolitan island, whose identity is built around white houses and windmills. A place to wander around narrow alleys decorated with millions of multi-colored flowers. At the same time, Mykonos has become a center of cult for the lovers of electronic music, gathering some of the best DJ’s in the world. Its beaches are the favorite place for all visitors, with its crystalline waters and white sand for relaxing and enjoying the Mediterranean whisper.

Ibiza at night

San Antonio, Ibiza


Blue and white describe this island. White houses and blue water with Mediterranean Sea. A lot of people choose Ibiza as a vacation destination or as a refugee to escape. Its most outstanding spots are the impressive Cala Conta, a cove that shows the most beautiful sunsets in the region, dream islands like Las Salinas, or God’s Finger, the great rock at the entry of the Benirras Bay. Ibiza is also the capital of nightlife, offering all kinds of bars and clubs; although specially proud of its exclusive Km5, Blue Marlin and Ushuaia, or the oversized Space, Privilege, Amnesia and the classic Pacha Ibiza.

The majority of these islands offers the possibility of the nautical charter. A boat can become the perfect choice for staying and moving with freedom. This way, you can take the maximum advantage of your experience. Choose the one you like and aBoatTime will take you!