It is that time of year again, when the love is in the air and men start browsing flower stores and gift shops desperate to acquire a worthy gift for their significant other. There are a number of gift ideas out there, including in the destination department. The typical romantic trip ideas include a weekend in Paris, Venice or the Bahamas, but how many people can say that they celebrated their love on a heart shaped island?

It turns out that there are a number of heart shaped islands throughout the world, some bigger than others, but all of them unique.

Marina Cay

Located in the British Virgin Isles, this island differs from the others on this list because it has the shape of the actual physical heart, rather than the love symbol that we are so used to seeing when talking about a heart shape. This island has a surface area of 8 acres and is the home of the Marina Cay hotel and restaurant. The services provided are ideal for a romantic weekend getaway.  The bar, the live music and the natural beauty of this island will assure an unforgettable experience.


Kardia Island

One of the 1,000+ of the Greek islands, Kardia is a little speck of land, rocky and barren, it is a good spot to drop your anchor, take some pictures and go snorkeling in its crystal blue waters. If you are thinking of renting a yacht and spending some sailing holidays in Greece with your significant other, this little heart shaped rock would make for a good day-time anchor spot and some cute pictures.


Galesnjak Island

Located in Croatia, this heart shaped island is called “the lovers island” when translated from Croatian and is privately owned and permission must be obtained before visiting it. Once permission is obtained, this small island is an ideal destination for couples who are sailing in Croatian waters.


Tavarua Island

This Fiji jewel is small, but with its trees, sandy beach and a small resort, it is a lost paradise that will bring joy to any couple that discovers it. The small resort of Tavarua is known of its attentive and helpful staff that has been described as marvelous and extremely helpful in making your romantic getaway a perfect experience.


Blueberry Island

This amazing Canadian island is actually for sale! Located very close to Quebec, this island is gorgeous green with a lot of beautiful trees, a sandy beach, a wooden dock and a log cabin. It is ideal for those who have been dreaming of owning a private island and can afford the $911,622 price tag. What a great Valentine’s gift this heart shaped island would be!