Designed by Javier Soto Acebal and built by the factory Wally, Wally 130 The Dreamer has become one of the largest single-mast sailboat.

So far Wally was dividing public opinion poles: some felt that it was luxurious vessels symbols of glamour and elegance against others who felt that it was to compete in racing boats. Now, the new Wally 130, has joined both opinions in a family-friendly cruiser equipped with the latest technology and design.

Priced at 17 million euros, the third largest in the firm after the 48 Saudade Wally 143 and the Wally Essence has become the world’s fastest monohull upwind due to its large sail area, the PBO rigging, his mast and hull made entirely of carbon and water tanks.

Exterior design: Javier Soto Aceval

The most striking of the vessel is that, following a minimalist design, the entire outer shell is covered with teak, so at first sight you can’t see any equipment. The piano, flanked by two Harken winches, is situated at the base of the mast allowing regulation of all halyards with buttons through the hydraulic system. Similarly, the hydraulic winches are positioned in front of the piano.

In the center of the deck, there is a huge C-shaped room that you can access from inside and, just aft of the room, stands the double carbon rigging and control console from which you control all hydraulic systems trim of the vessel and electronic navigation systems.

The PBO rigging provides extra lightness to the spectacular mast manufactured by Hall Spars in carbon and supporting more of 727 square meters of sail area.

Interior Design: Wally Yachts

The interior of the Wally 130 design offers a very open and minimalistic Italian-styled space prepared to eight guests and five crew. The main cabin has a double bed and a separate bathroom, guests have two double cabins with bath and crew, has its rooms divided in two double cabins and the captain’s cabin.

The main hall, located in the stern area has two sofas with seating for four people each and two tables. The kitchen is at the center and offers the characteristics of such vessels: ceramic hob with four burners, refrigerator with large capacity freezer, oven, dryer and microwave.

Easy to operate

Despite its great length, the Wally 130 offers easy operation for a small crew, as only two people could handle the boat with its huge console from which you can control all the parameters of the boat.

The 450 hp MAN engine of this this maxi 40 meter provides a speed of 12 knots average in addition to easy transport and maneuverability.

Through his extraordinary configuration and manufacturing art materials, the Wally 130 has led to the italian shipyard to the top of the fast boats that mix the spirit of cruising and racing.