The nautical world is often thought luxurious and exclusive for the social elites. It is a fact that sailing on a large boat and with very decent commodities can actually be quite inexpensive, but also true that its luxury can soar as high as desired. These the 5 most overwhelming yachts recognized by the international press, which must not pass unmentioned by us.

Interior of the Eclipse

Interior of the Eclipse. Picture source:

1- Azzam

This 180 meter-long ship has been considered by great part of the media as the fastest and most attractive yacht to this date. With anonymous owner, this jewel of the seas is suspected to belong to the president of the United Arab Emirates, but nothing is yet confirmed. The finishings in gold that hold its interior, transform it into the most luxurious yacht on Planet Earth.

2- Eclipse

Roman Abramovich, president of the Chelsea football-soccer team is the owner of this 170 meter super yacht. Priced at a number of hundreds of millions of euros, the Eclipse raises 9 decks over the water and, if that isn’t enough, incorporates an anti-missile system designed in Germany. The glass that protects the main rooms of the inside is completely bullet-proof.

3- Dubai

This yacht is quite smaller than the previous ones. With a capacity for maybe 25 passengers, its real futures are its heliports and its small bathyscaphe, a tiny submarine for exploring the deep seabeds. Despite being of considerably smaller dimensions than the Eclipse and the Azzam, the 250 million euros that the sultan of Brunei disbursed for this pearl, evidence its splendor and the personality.

4- Al-Salamah

A property of the Saudi family of the now deceased sultan Bin Abdul Aziz. Its nearly 140 meters length and almost 10 decks, offer a whole hectare of space that allows this vessel to hold a hundred passengers. It would not be out of place to share a bit of gossip about the hospital it shelters on board, as well as the financial center.


Pelorus in all its glory. Picture source:

5- Pelorus

At last, but not least, comes Pelorus, the spoiled child of Roman Abramovich. Few are the people that have been able to adventure into him, for, this magnanimous work is devoted to the family’s intimacy. What is certain is that it disposes of 25 splendid rooms and a garage with some of Roman’s favorite toys, featuring jet-skis, artificial wave generators and some semi rigid boats.