Who hasn’t ever created a paper boat?

The word “origami”, embraces the art of folding paper to consequently attain figurines.

The 37 years old German, Frank Boelter, decided to take theart of “origami” to the extreme, by building the largest paper boat ever. Besides, good old Frank decided that the ship should be able to support his weight. Thus, he created a vessel of 9 meters in length and 27 kg in weight, capable of floating for more than 40 hours prior the boat disintegrates completely, affirmed its creator. The material that Frank used to create his ‘sailboat’ was the same as that used to manufacture tetra packs of milk. Frank had to use 170 square meters of this material.

The total cost for the boat was of 220 dollars (170 euros), similar to aBoatTime’s price when considering chartering a boat it can cost around 250 euros per week per person. Certainly, Frank would have been better off with this option before investing that $220 on a 40-hour ride on a closed port.