The Oceanis 55 Sailing Boat of Beneteau

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The sailing boat Oceanis 55 from Beneteau

The Oceanis 55 is for sure the boat of your dreams if you are a sailing fan or simply want to enjoy a sailing trip during your next vacation.

The Oceanis 55 has been called “the boat to escape” for its exterior and interior design, the sailing facilities and for being the perfect boat to start a sailing trip with your family, partner or a group of friends in the Caribbean. It belongs to the popular French brand Beneteau. If you love sailing or just want to enjoy a sailing trip, the brand Beneteau offers the best sailing boats.

This kind of ship has a modern, as well as a functional design. In addition, it is very comfortable for the members of the crew. The interior of this ship is perfectly conditioned so that it is possible to be out of the port for more than one day, and has lots of space. Moreover, the boat has many portholes to provide more spaciousness.

  • Overall length:  16, 78 m
  • Beam:  5 m
  • Draft:  2, 20 m

The Lagoon 450 Catamaran

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Catamaran Lagoon 450

Dynamic shapes, awesome design and comfortable spaces are a few of the main characteristics of the Lagoon 450.

Catamarans are very stable and offer a very comfortable accommodation to spend a few days sailing around. The Lagoon 450 offers large exterior spaces with two nets on the bow where you can enjoy the landscape while sunbathing and a living room on stern to get the most out of your vacation and the good weather.

The lagoon 450 is available with 3-4 cabins with double beds on each side of the catamaran but well isolated and far away from the boat motors. Bathrooms are fully equipped with a shower, hot water and a hand basin on each side of the cabins. The main interior living room is spacious and offers a dinner table with sofas and a kitchen with an oven, a fridge and a sink and enough space to cook or prepare drinks.  In addition, all this amenities are not exclusive with the performance of this catamaran: it is designed to have a balanced and light weight and an outer structure designed for an optimum navigation.

  • Overall length: 14 m
  • Beam 7, 84 m
  • Draft 1, 30 m

Bavaria 46 Cruiser Sailing Boat

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Sailing boat Bavaria 46 Cruiser

The Bavaria 46 Cruiser is a better version of the Bavaria 44 sailing boat and has a special design made by Farr Yacht Design, offering not only a better sailing experience but also style and a classic design.

This blue water boat offers an interior living room in solid wood and veneer with a convertible table and enough space for 8-10 people. We can highlight the 3-4 double cabins, the amazing light that comes in from the outside and its refined and classy design.

It has an outstanding quality, and it is built in a way that it gets the maximum stability and the best performance. In addition, its innovative design gets the best behavior of the boat during navigation. its spacious central room with every accommodation included makes its guests feel at home.

  • Overall length: 14 m
  • Beam: 4.4 m
  • Draft: 2 m

Queen of Karia, a Turkish gulet

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Turkish gulet in the Mediterranean

Queen of Karia was designed and built by Turkish boatyards. It was constructed in Bodrum in the Southwest of the country in 2007. Queen of Karia is a luxurious gulet boat of 35 metres length that combines the most up-to-date technologies with high comfort and elegance.

In addition, the surfaces of this kind of boat are all covered with luxurious hand-made decorations made of wood, which give this boat an outstanding elegance. Furthermore, its big size makes it the perfect boat to accommodate groups of people or celebrate events.

Its historical soul is the best choice for those who want to discover amazing Turkish or Greek coasts on-board a perfect boat. Feel the adventures of your unforgettable VIP yacht charter in Turkey!

  • Overall length: 35 m
  • Beam: 8, 50 m
  • Draft: 3, 55 m