Here at aBoatTime, as much as we love spending our days above the water, we also love to satisfy the curiosity of what lies below. The Mediterranean sea is home to some of the world’s best dive sites; for all abilities, with a wide variety of treasures to behold: from magnificent shipwrecks to exotic sea life. Here we have prepared a list of the best places to dive in the Mediterranean.


Found to the south of the Mediterranean, Malta is littered with world class diving destinations for such a small group of islands. Add this to its warm waters year round and visibility down to 30 metres and you get a country with plenty of opportunities.

First on your list should be the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino. This crystal clear inlet is a popular destination for beginners and experienced divers alike and although the marine life may be sparse here, the clarity of the water and the max depth of 15 metres make for a very relaxing dive spot.

Fish spottedat the Blue Lagoon, Malta

Fish spotted at the Blue Lagoon, Malta

Also whilst in Malta, more advanced divers you should consider visiting the HMS Maori wreck. Found in Marsamxetto Bay and sunk by a bomb raid, this dive will take you to a maximum depth of 18 metres and is teeming with sea life such as octopus and scorpion fish. There are a number of easily accessible dive centres around the bay running trips to the wreck.


Trying to narrow down the top dive spots in Croatia is a difficult task due to the multitude of beautiful islands it is made up of however the Bisevo Grotto is certainly not one to miss. Meaning “Blue Grotto”, this mesmerising dive spot is buried inside a cave and has visibility to 25 metres with a wide variety of marine life to see including: lobster, octopus and scorpion fish. This site is found on Vis Island and is easily accessible from Split.

The dive spot in Croatia called Bisevo Grotto

Bisevo Grotto in Croatia

Another dive site worth visiting in Croatia is Premuda near the island of Pag. Further up the coast from split and known as the “underwater cathedral”, Premuda is home to a series of  underwater caves connected by tunnels to form a network. Due to the make up of the caves you will be treated to a special light show if you choose this dive site, where the crystal clear waters are broken up by strong beams of sunshine. To see all that Croatia has to offer in yterms of diving, why not check out our tailored Diving holidays.


Diving holidays in Turkey provide some of the best sites the Mediterranean has to offer. If you base yourself in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye or Kas there are a multitude of dive centres that run regular trips to the best spots. Some that we recommend are: Aladin’s Cave at Fethiye which contains a wide variety of marine flora, from anemones to lace coral within a vast cave, 23 metres below the surface and also the Rambo Cavern which is reached by travelling down a 14 metre wall to emerge on the other side in a cave where you can admire the stalactites and other fabulous rock formations. This is a dive site well worth visiting at any time of the year.


The top diving spots in Spain are on its north east coast near Cataluña. A must see destination are the Medes Islands off the coast of Estartit. This archipelago is an important reservation centre for marine flora and attracts dive crews and glass-bottomed boats alike to marvel at the wide variety of sights on offer. Strict regulations against fishing in the area have also allowed the marine life to flourish with anything from shoals of Bass to Barracuda being encountered regularly.

A scorpion fish spotted whilst diving on the Medes Islands

A scorpion fish spotted whilst diving on the Medes Islands

The nearby Balearic Islands are also home to some top mediterranean diving sites, with Ibiza being the most famous. The entire ibizan coast contains a wide range of both shore and boat dives for divers of all abilities. Whether you are looking for 20 metre, underwater walls or beautiful colourful reefs, Ibiza has plenty to offer you in terms of scuba diving.

To make the most of a diving trip in Ibiza or many other destinations in Europe, why not check out our DivingTime holidays for a week full of underwater adventures.