The Monaco Yacht Show is preparing for to open its doors the coming September, with some of the most cutting edge yachts on show. The event is renowned all over the world for its luxury vessels, and one of the highlights this year is expected from the Italian luxury yacht maker, TANKOA; the S693.

Since its creation in 2008, Tankoa has established itself as an expert in building large (of over 50 metres in length) luxury yachts, targeted to a small number of clients who appreciate its exclusivity.

However, showing off in Monaco is not easy. In addition to innovative design, originality and the inclusion of features capable of pleasing even the most demanding clients. Tankoa claims that it has designed a yacht that meets these expectations, featuring a 69 metre long deck, with a pool, relaxation areas and above all, a philosophy that is woven into each of its spaces: Zen.

The Zen philosophy of the S693

Both yacht builder Ruggiero and designer Paszkowski have endeavoured to incorporate Zen values into each of its 7 cabins, compartments and relaxation zones of the S693. In order to do so, they have created spaces with very high ceilings and large windows which provide magnificent views of the sea from almost anywhere on the yacht.

One of the Tankoa S693's interior compartmens


Paszkowski was commissioned for the interior and furniture design, and opted for a contrast between dark wooden flooring and neutral walls, with a minimalist design. Convenience abounds on the Tankoa 693, such as in the various relaxation zones, complete with comfortable and elegant seating, where you can always catch a glimpse of the sea or the passing countryside.

Lighting is another key feature of the yacht’s design. At night, there is a calm, safe atmosphere in the cabins, in direct contrast to the darkness outside, achieved by the use of numerous lamps which provide gentle, soothing light. During the day, sunlight rolls in through the large windows that line the inside walls. In addition, the master suite boasts 180º views of the sea.

Up top on deck, you’ll find an amazing pool and a sundeck, and soon realise that this alone is reason enough to own this yacht!

Suite principal Tankoa 693


In regards to technical specifications, this luxury yacht from Tankoa is 69.3 metres long, features 7 cabins and a 2xCAT 3516 B DITA-SCAC HD engine. Other details will be revealed at the Monaco Yacht Show on the 24th September.

Although we can’t be sure that zen philosophy is the key to a relaxing holiday, the Tankoa S693’s features bring the experience of sailing on a large luxury yacht to a new level and help to make you truly feel at home.

The Monaco Yacht Show opens its doors on the 27th September, with the latest yachts on show. While you wait, why not take a look at our catalogue of yachts, schooners and catamarans, which are all a pleasure to sail.