From the first glance it becomes evident that Jeanneau manufacturer put a lot of effort in to build such a sophisticated boat model whose success has exceeded all the previous expectations. Without exaggeration, it has a lot to offer but especially this yacht stands out due to its cabins and keel.

Generally speaking, Sun Odyssey 379 is similarly attractive for different audiences in search for an ideal option of a sailing boat. Why it’s so unique? Find out all the details below.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379 rental

After fulfilling all the preparation stages with the common previous trials, another masterpiece of Marc Lombard finally became available to the general public. To mention, Sun Odyssey and Beneteau boat models some of the most popular among Mediterranean sailors. It’s a proven fact that Sun Odyssey 379 is well-known as a perfect sailboat for family yacht charter vacations. Even though the first impression when you see this yacht may make you think about  its similarity with the previous Jeanneau models (409 and 439 in particular), Sun Odyssey will show its individuality if you go a bit further into detail…So, we won’t intrigue you any more, let’s discover why you should choose this yacht for your boat rental.

An interesting feature is that Sun Odyssey 379 has a choice of 3 different keel types that makes it more convenient for mooring, especially in areas of large tide swings. Nothing will disturb you to enjoying wonderful beaches and sightseeing. Moreover, 2 or 3 cabin options bring more diversity to your sailing vacations. Its self tacking jib adapts to your personal preferences. As a result, Sun Odyssey 379 can perform in various ways very easily.

The mentioned above keel types include:

  • Standard Fixed Keel (1.95 metres draft)

  • Winged Shoal Keel (1.5 metres draft)

  • Beach-able Swing Keel 1.1-2.25 metres draft)

At the same time special attention should be paid to its sail plan that permits you to sail heading from 45 to 60 degrees off the wind where the power increase will be above the standard furling head sail. The cockpit impresses with its practicability where every detail was designed for a special function. Its modern design can be noticed from the very beginning aboard. In general, it’s possible to describe it as flat, wide and ergonomic. Sun Odyssey 379 is a boat of the future! We, at aBoatTime, really love its elegant carbon wheels that add something special to this charming Jeanneau model. Especially stands out Simrad electronic equipment, well-known due to the high visibility and navigation compatibility.

Sun Odyssey 379 is extremely comfortable boat that will make you feel like at home…or even better! It seems that everything was though even before the construction began. It amazes with its multifunctional features.

A little bit more radical design of the coach roof helps to differentiate this boat model from the rest of Jeanneau models. Well, probably some exquisite navigation fans may say that  its design is a bit simple, however, to our mind, this is the core essence of the modern aesthetics and up-to-date style. Sun Odyssey 379 provides plenty of light and space. The forward cabin and the heads are especially spacious in comparison with similar yachts. The galley is totally equipped according to the latest trends in the maritime industry.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379 interior

Interior design

The main technical characteristics:

  • Overall length 11,34 m
  • Hull length 10,98 m
  • Waterline length 10,40 m
  • Beam 3,76 m
  • Displacement GTE 6.700 kg
  • Standard keel draft 1,95 m
  • Shoal draft PTE 1,50 m
  • Swing keel draft 1,10-2,25m
  • Cabins 2 / 3
  • Berths 4 / 6 + 3

Wherever you go, Jeanneau will guarantee safety, comfort and usability while you enjoy navigation. Rent a Sun Odyssey 379 and may your dream of elegant and comfortable sailing come true!

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