The summer is made for disconnecting but also to connect with what we are dreaming about during winter. Music festivals are the perfect excuse to travel with friends and listen to your favourite artists in an unbeatable environment. If you are still searching for alternatives as too where to sleep at festivals, we think it’s easy: rent a boat and have a once in a lifetime experience.

Renting a boat not only saves you the headache of searching for somewhere to sleep at festivals, but also you can make the most of every minute. Eliminate the noise at night and the shared bathrooms and enjoy the privacy that renting a boat can offer.

Where to sleep at festivals in Levante

If for example, you are searching for somewhere to sleep at Medusa Sun Beach, celebrated in Cullera from 9th to the 15th of August, or in the Rototom Sunsplash in Benicássim, the rental of a boat in Levante is the best answer.

During the day, with your rented boat, enjoy the beaches of the Levante coastline and at night, anchor your boat and have fun listening to the best groups of the national and international scene. Also, the navigation conditions are a privilege thanks to the light breeze, predictable tide and sunny climate.

Where to sleep at festivals in Galicia

If you are a fan of pop rock and you are looking for somewhere to sleep at the Noroeste Estrella Galicia Festival, celebrated in A Coruña from the 8th to the 13th of August, renting a boat in Galicia is perfect. It´s a different kind of event to the rest, celebrated with more than 100 concerts in 15 distinct locations and the city of A Coruña is transformed, so look no further and opt for a boat rental with friends. Sail along the impressive Galician coast and enjoy your traditional food.

Where to sleep at festivals in Andalucia

The 10th of August is the beginning of the 5th edition of the Dreambeach Villaricos in Almeria and the organization hopes to surpass the attendance of last year, if you still don´t know where to stay or you don´t like the idea of camping, rent a boat! The Dreambeach is the only festival that has the beach so to sleep in your own boat will be more comfortable and fun. The Andalucian beach El Playazo, in Malaga, is used for two days during the Chanquete World Music Festival. It´s an event in which it is possible to enjoy the sea and music. Rent a boat in Malaga to attend this event and take advantage of sailing to Torremolinos, Marbella or Fuengirola.

Where to sleep at festivals in Croatia

Croatia is one of the favourite destinations for the fans of electronic music and the end of August and beginning of September celebrates two known music festivals, Dimensions Festival and Fort Punta Christo. If you are going and don´t know where to sleep, we propose a distinct travel: during the day, sail along the Mediterranean with a rented boat and by night, dance to the rhythm of the best DJs of the international scene. We ensure that you have a unique experience because the ideal location to charter a boat is Croatia.

From aBoatTime we propose a distinctive plan mixing the best music with the beach and the sun. Don´t think any more about where to sleep at festivals and rent a boat with us, we guarantee you will want to do it again.