Preference for aesthetic design has dominated in the luxury yachting world, and here at aBoatTime, we’ve uncovered the perfect example; STAR, a futuristic and luxurious superyacht which at night appears like a star from above. The yacht measures an enormous 100 metres long and 60 metres high, challenging traditional yacht design with her huge form. The vessel’s avant-garde designers, BMT and Igor Lobanov hope to turn the concept into a reality, which will challenge traditional yacht design, at a not-so-cheap price of 500 million dollars.

Whilst before a luxury yacht’s success was measured by her length and number of decks, in recent times the latest yachts’ advanced technological and design features have made consumers’ primary interest switch to the yacht’s detailing, aesthetic design and gadgets which they can enjoy during their voyage.

For this reason, hull design, interior design quality and automated functions are some of the most important features to consumers, and for this reason yacht makers continue to produce lavishly furnished yachts each year in boat shows.

British yacht maker and Russian designer Igor Lobanov have decided to defy traditional yacht hydrodynamics and design with the STAR, creating a vessel which looks nothing like the traditional idea of a yacht. Despite her radical design, we think the STAR is the perfect embodiment of avant-garde sophisticated yacht design.

STAR has been designed in a curved shape, and reaches a height of 60 metres at its focal spire in the centre of the yacht. The superyacht has six decks, and can accommodate up to 200 guests, who on the yacht’s highest deck can enjoy a visibility of 20 kilometres. The spire’s base is elongated and is therefore large enough to accommodate a helipad.

Yate Star desde arribaThe superyacht’s unique interior design allows light flow throughout the day from all angles, thanks to the decks’ slender design, and as the craft’s name suggests, create a shining star shape during the day as well as at night.

In a press release last week, the yacht’s designers stated that the idea for the yacht’s form came from the fact that at its nighttime reflection in the sea creates a shining star shape. This of course depends on the surrounding light pollution and the yacht’s position. The only drawback is that the yacht’s owners will never be able to see it, except looking from above the vessel.

Despite this only being a concept, STAR’s designers assert that the superyacht will soon be available, and have revealed some technical specs, such as its fully azimuthing propulsion which allows the yacht to be more streamlined whilst sailing, and its all electric architecture, allowing the majority of the vessel’s functions to be automated.

In addition to these features, STAR will be lavished in luxury interior design, with the possibility of making it one of the world’s most luxurious floating hotels. Meanwhile though, you can charter one of our yachts or catamarans which are designed in a modern way like this yacht.

The idea for such a radical yacht design was borne out of the desire to challenge the designs of traditional yacht makers, and nautical designers, who have typically been unadventurous with yacht design, usually only changing the yacht’s dimensions.

The designers stated in the press release; “Alex and I exchanged some thoughts about yachting and came to the conclusion that to those outside the marine industry, all yachts look the same: It seems that modern architecture, product design and car design have no influence on yachts.”

yate Star de lujo moderno blanco

The idea to attract to attract a more exclusive audience with revolutionary yacht design is a popular one, and has been seen in other cases, such as the “WHY” private island style Superyacht from WALLY which we previously wrote about, or the enormous “Streets of Monaco” superyacht concept.

Whilst these superyacht concepts generate a lot of buzz in the yachting world, few pass from the planning to construction stage. However here at aBoatTime, we’re passionate about yachts, and we’re really hoping that one of these incredible yachts will one day be available for charter in the Mediterranean or Caribbean.