Everywhere you go you probably will find a few souvenir shops full of small but nice details of the country to buy as a present or for yourself as a special gift. Most of them really don’t have any value or usefulness but at the end, it is worth having something that will remind you of that amazing vacation you had with your friends or family.

It is very common to get a magnet, key ring, t-shirt, postcard, a bottle or an ashtray. Most of the souvenirs you can find are copies of statues, squares, monuments or paintings from the most popular cities in the world. It is really important to keep an interesting or unique object from your sailing vacation in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.


The best souvenirs you can buy in Spain are gastronomic products. Olive oil, olives, cheese and cold meats are awesome and easy to bring back home. You can enjoy a Spanish dinner whenever you feel like it because all these products don’t decay or get damaged. We recommend you buy a bottle of red wine, Rioja if you can and better take it back home in a small bag as hand luggage. Fish and seafood in tins are very convenient too. They are cheap and easy to buy, small to carry inside your luggage and never loose nutrients or flavour.

If you prefer to buy a present for a friend or something popular for your home, buy a statue, magnet or t-shirt with the black bull or some flamenco dancers. As the number one souvenir, you will find the classic castanets or an apron that looks like a flamenco dress!

delantales flamencos

Flickr by Antonio Luis Jiménez Trujillo


In the land of the Greek Acropolis most of the souvenirs are statues of Greek goods and heroes made of fake, white stone and with poor design. If you wish to buy something similar, we definitively recommend you to check all stores and get some plates and pottery vases with classic icons. They are very decorative for your kitchen or garden. Statues are up to you but don’t forget to choose the small ones to be able to carry them back home!

In the Greek islands you will be able to buy jewelry made of stones and silver. It is unique and a very nice present for your friends or family and of course you will be able to use it because it will always stay stylish. Natural sponges and leather accessories are the “must buy” in Greece. Last but not least, buy black olives and feta cheese!

esponjas grecia

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Sailing the coast of Croatia is an amazing experience and it is even better if you can bring back home a few nice souvenirs like their popular sweets and fruit liqueurs. Bottles are less convenient to carry but they are perfect for your mini-bar at home and for enjoying a bit of Croatian taste with your friends. We recommend you the following liquors: green nuts, rose petals, cherry and herbs. We can’t forget wines that noble people drunk before like Postup, Plavac and the Dingac.

Goldsmithing was very important in Croatia and it is nowadays precious too. Find a hand-made store at a harbor and buy silver or coral jewelry. If you wish to have a traditional souvenir, purchase the Konavle bow. This small item is part of the traditional Croatian dress and is usually handmade and dyed with natural colours.


Istanbul and the coast of Turkey have always been the place for spice markets and merchants. During your sailing vacation in turkey don’t miss souvenirs and accessorizes like foulards, shoes, tunics and jewelry of an Arabic style. Bracelets and necklaces with blue stones and the traditional “good luck eye” are a must buy for you and your friends. This style of jewelry is not only very cheap but also easy to take inside your luggage.

If you really love spices, tea and tobacco, Turkey will be a paradise for you! Streets and squares are full of small posts and stores with different flavors and colors. You can buy spices and tea by weight or in small sacks. For those who wish to buy traditional, high quality objects for a room or living room, we recommend a Persian carpet, covers for pillows and an Arabian shisha. Don’t forget to bargain hard!


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Italian islands and coast are another gastronomic destination during your sailing vacation. It is easy to taste in every harbor, the Italian style cuisine in order to decide which souvenirs you want to buy for after the holidays. What should you buy? We give you the answer: high quality pasta that will taste wonderful, different sauces and of course a bottle of the popular lemon liquor, called limoncello.

Some Italian sauces we recommend for pasta/noodles are: tomato with pomodoro, pesto, putanesca, napolitana, siciliana, arrabbiata, bolognese or marinara. If you like art or religious icons, this is your place to get some paints for your living room. We definitively recommend you to get some old empire coins and fake bags and wallets of famous fashion brands in streets and harbor markets.


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This impressive Mediterranean island has also a lot to offer when it comes to food, drinks and souvenirs. You will be spoilt for choice in pottery and fabrics. Malta is the perfect place to buy ceramic plates and other similar pottery objects. You can have a good souvenir for yourself or buy it as a present for someone special. Fabrics are very popular in Malta too. It can be a precious souvenir, very useful and easy to carry inside your bag. Get a new tablecloth, nice rags or a tunic for your bathroom or bedroom. It is better if you try food and sweets directly during your vacation because it will not last if you buy them as souvenirs. For your fridge or keys, buy a magnet or key ring with the cross of Malta.


Everybody knows that France is the country of cheese, pâté and wine, but the French coasts and island have a lot more to offer. Talking about souvenirs, why not buying objects and paintings with landscapes from the French Provence and the Blue Coast? It is the perfect wall decoration to remember your sailing vacation and the turquoise waters. An apron with a Provence style fabric can be very charming. Don’t forget to buy small sacks with lavender so that your wardrobe smells great! Provence fabrics are unique and aprons and sacks very useful too. If your sailing destination is going to be Corsica, we recommend you to buy brocciu or fium’orbo cheese. If you love cosmetics, try to find handmade soaps. They come in many colors and smells.


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The British Virgin Islands and specially St. Martin can really be called paradise in the middle of large white sand beaches, turquoise water and palms. You will be able to swim with turtles and shiny fishes and also have the chance to buy some statues, corals and big shells for the bathroom. A good idea is to put sand inside a bottle so you can bring back home a special souvenir from your favorite beach. Wooden and shell bracelets and necklaces are also very nice and cheap as souvenirs and presents. They are perfect inside your bag! If you like to have a Caribbean style drink back home with friends, try to get rum or liquors from the islands. We recommend: mango liquor, lime, vanilla or the popular Guavaberry bottle.

Enjoy your souvenirs!