In case we didn’t satisfy you with our available yacht charter options, or you were wondering if there was a web error that didn’t put thru some beloved sailing destinations like the South of France, well, prepare yourself to take a sneak peek at what is coming and what we are preparing for you…

The beautiful South-France resorts like Bormes-les-Mimosas or Saint Mandrier-sur-mer will enable you to discover that French ‘je ne sais quoi’ and to hop between the ports of the enchanting Côte d’Azur.

Right at the centre of the French Riviera you’ll find Bormes-les-Mimosas, a Provençal village with delightful natural scenery that will offer you a peaceful break. Just to give you an idea of the stunning natural views… its name denotes the sunny one, as it derives from its shiny mimosa trees. Not only is it full of beauty for its forested mountains and extensive beaches that allow a wide range of watersports, but for its history as well. It is surrounded by astonishing fortresses such as the historical fort de Brégançon, which has been the holiday home for the president of the French Republic since 1968. So now you know where to go if you feel like starting off your sailing trip to the Côte d’Azur from a destination that meets the high standards of a president.

Cote d’Azur, yacht charter area in South France

The petit port of Saint Mandrier-sur-mer is set on a peninsula right in front of Toulon, enabling you to tour around further attractions nearby. Though you don’t need to go that far, Saint Mandrier is surrounded by several stunning shores full of attractive and varied sea life that will definitely enhance your diving experience and watersport activities. In addition, it has quite a few hot spots like the Cap Cépet lighthouse or the French-Italian cemetery where some soldiers of the First World War rest. Or else, enjoy a walk on the sentier douanier track whilst you admire the gorgeous green view thanks to the hills that bound the port.

Sailboat rental in Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer

Don’t worry, we didn’t miss the opportunity to offer you other ports near Italy, still with the charm of a French isle. That is why we wanted to give you the opportunity to sail around Corsica, a destination full of history and amazing landscapes. Start your yacht charter trip at our bases either in Ajaccio, Propriano, or Sari-Solenzara.

Ajaccio, on the west coastline, is the biggest town of Corsica.  Its sheltered position allows a stunning panoramic view of the town composed of forested hills at the north, a peninsula with pristine beaches at the south, and the marina on the east of the town. Certainly, the picturesque harbour will remind you of the Côte d’Azur ambiance. Generally, Ajaccio is known for being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, a great influential factor on the town’s culture, history and architecture. Also, you will have the opportunity to take your boat charter up to the vicinity Iles Sanguinaires, and experience an amazing view when they turn red during the sunset.

The beaches of Ajaccio, Corsica

In Corsica’s southwest shoreline, you will encounter the charming port of Propriano which faced a multicultural wave, yet it tries to uphold its traditional Corsican appeal. This destination has wonderful beaches coupled with the fact, that Propriano’s great location will facilitate you to travel around neighbouring popular areas like Sartene and Porto Vecchio. In case you seek to further your thrilling experience, stopover Baracci Natura, a park divided in three areas of adventure: Adventure Park, Canyoning and Via Ferrata.

Lighthouse of Propriano, Corsica

Sari-Solenzara is part of the Coast of Pearls in the southeast of Corsica. Relatively, it is a modern and peaceful village from the 19th century. This destination is bounded by mountainous landscapes which perfectly complement the sea. When you charter your boat here, you will confirm why the marina is the soul of this destination and source of its fame. The port holds outstanding facilities for water and leisure activities. In addition, go to Bavella near Sari-Solenzara. This later remarkable site will bestow you with an incredible multi-coloured view of the huge Corsican pine forests.

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