Optimism and illusion were the main emotions and feelings that impregnated the last Snipe Championship in Spain that started the last week, 31 of July. Keeping these two basics in mind, Álvaro Munáiz and Victor Pérez headed for Melilla where they exceeded their expectations and finished in tenth place.

Snipe Spanish Championship

aBoatTime team

In total, there were 40 boats that participating in this important regatta. The major part of them originally from coastal boat clubs. The aBoatTime team arrived there with theaim of reaching at least tenth position which would really be considered a great achievement.

Extremely tough training sessions became a must for our heroes and thanks to the efforts of Damián Borras who was responsible for training 3 out of the 6 boats that will travel to Rio in the near future. Finally, despite all the difficulties, Víctor Pérez and Álvaro Munáiz from aBoatTime were ready to face the competition and do their best.

They experienced truly unprecedented emotions. Álvaro Munáiz tells us:

“Well, to be honest, it was a real challenge. We had to train hard but the result definitely worth it. At the end we showed really good promise and we significantly improved on our previous performance. That is very helpful experience in our preparation for the Snipe World Championship in Rio de Janeiro”.

Snipe Spanish Championship

Snipe Spanish Championship, Melilla

Our participants were aiming to achieve a place among the top 10 boats which wasn’t a simple task, especially bearing in mind a number of circumstances that, to be honest, weren’t very favorable for our team. To mention some, the time and the weight of the opponents’ boats.

The first day started successfully which Álvaro and Victor interpreted as a good sign. They saw some of their competitors disqualified and the mere thought of victory made them able to get tenth place at the end of the first day.

The wind speed throughout the stages didn’t surpass 8 knots and it wasn’t a factor that could influence the obtained during the race results. The light weight of some boats made an additional contribution to the performance. Therefore, the tenth place is a great result for our team and we’d like to congratulate them.

The next day finished even better mainly due to the new disqualifications that permitted our team to come sixth.  They maintained this position all day long. Keeping in mind that their initial aspiration was to finish in tenth place, they had hardly imagined such great success.

As for the last day of the contest, Álvaro and Victor started on the sixth position and since the beginning everything went well with the favorable tailwind, but suddenly one sharp maneuver led to the overturning of the boat that caused them to lose 4 positions and, finally, they finished in tenth place. However, it was a significant accomplishment for a team that was so highly dependent on the wind, a factor that was conspicuous by its absence.

The next regatta will take place in Gijón, on the 24th of August, however, Álvaro and Victor are going to La Coruña first in order to start their intensive training program on the 17th of August.

Without any doubt, this Spanish Championship served as good preparation before the Rio challenge.

Come on guys, we believe in you! Good luck and may the fair winds accompany you!