Sardinia is one of the trendiest destinations among business tycoons who like to show off their super-yachts. The latest to arrive in the luxury marina of Porto Cervo is Serene, a yacht of immense proportions that has been chartered by Bill Gates to enjoy a week of cruising vacations in the Mediterranean. It has 12 cabins, a submarine, several spas and claims to be the most fashionable yacht on the Italian coast.

It is increasingly common for the world’s biggest business tycoons to rent a yacht, and to therefore benefit from the most innovative design with the best performance each holiday period. In this case, the Russian vodka magnate, Yuri Scheffler has rented out his beautiful Serene superyacht, one of the most sought after boats of the moment and the third most luxurious in history, according to Business Insider.

The luxury yacht has a submarine, several lounges and a theatre. The price of the boat is $330 million. Although it may seem exorbitant, it is justified when you consider the features of this season’s must have yacht.

Serene is 150 meters in length, in which fit 12 cabins, lounges, a pool and spa. Serene is a yacht designed for you to enjoy every moment of the day: You can start the morning by relaxing in one of the areas with sofas and couches of the deck, while sipping a cocktail from the bar inside. Afterwards, you can work out on the professional climbing wall, and relax in the Spa. The Serene also has a submarine on board, allowing you to explore the amazing marine fauna of Sardinia.

Yuri Scheffler’s boat is decorated in turquoise tones that contrast with the night-time dark blue of the sea. In addition to these features, a dedicated crew of 52 people is at your disposal to make navigation in the Serene one of the most comfortable places to holiday.

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