Sardinia is not a typical island. This small transalpine paradise hides a charm that few islands can match. With an abrupt geography, Sardinia is made out of a wide range of minerals, which makes it shine even more.

The granite, the schist and the basalt decorate Sardinia’s landscape making it something more than just a land formation.


Sardinia’s beaches hold the Italian magic of attraction; both its sands and its waters and it would be a shame not to write about them. Sardinia has some of Italy’s most attractive beaches and charming spots, among which you can find:

-Villasimius beach: an ancient fishermen village, converted into a popular tourist destination. Located on the south point of the island, this beach of perfect sand is an ideal place to watch the sun rays go through the crystal clear waters.

-Nora beach: Located on the southern part of the island, this fine grain sandy beach is a mandatory visit for anyone who values a beautiful beach.

-Caprera beach: The ideal beach for those who want to get away from other people. Caprera is a tiny island just a short boat trip away from Sardinia, and within it you can find everything you need for a paradise on the beach.

-San Teodoro: Located on the northeastern part of Sardinia, this beach will leave you astonished by its dimensions and its beauty. On it you’ll find the merger between the green of the forest and the turquoise of the waters.

No matter which beach you explore first, Sardinia will not let you down; it is a magical destination to explore in the Mediterranean!