In the district of Toulon, in the region of the French Riviera, we can find the small town of Saint- Mandrier- sur- Mer. 

Just 70km away from Marseille and south of Toulon, this sea town, is known for being the beginning of the luxury and wonderful French Blue Coast. Its spectacular views, its charming villages, stone coves and turquoise waters, cities with a true French style, delicious dishes and a warm climate make this area the perfect destination for your sailing vacation.

Since the French Riviera started to be a touristic destination, this French region, offers everything one can come to expect: a great artistic legacy, exquisite architecture, typical of the “Ville de Paris ” and unique beaches and white stone coves that offer a real luxury.

ile de porquerolles port cros provence mer mediterranee

Porquerolles island, Provence, Mediterranean

The stay in Saint- Mandrier- sur- Mer

The local municipalities close to Saint-Mandrier are Sablettes and Les Tamaris-sur-Mer , each just 5km away from the town. Each village of the French Riviera is unique and has a special charm. You cannot waste the chance to enjoy the views from the sea while you are sailing. The promenades are not too long but every port offers comfort and facilities as they are very busy throughout the year. The charming French terraces are perfect for lunch, dinner or to enjoy cheese and wine “apéro”. You cannot miss some special dishes if you spend your holiday in the South of France. The famous sweet or savory crêpes and steamed mussels with different sauces. Italian cuisine is very tasty and good in this region.

Shopping is another advantage of sailing in Saint -Mandrier-sur-mer because you will be able to find luxury brand stores and small shops where you can buy any very nice objects and accessorizes. Art galleries are other peculiarities of this French region, which was considered the inspiration region for painters like Matisse or Van Gogh. The beaches and coves in the area are small and quiet and offer a Mediterranean landscape together with pine forests and small ports.

The whole area seems made for sailing: Saint- Mandrier offers small sandy beaches and some beach stones too. During high season, we can visit and swim in 3 beaches with lifeguards and 2 unsupervised but this area of France has no deep waters and a slight swell.

Saint-Mandrier-sur-mer Village

Saint-Mandrier-sur-mer Village

Here we propose you some beaches:

  • Beach of the Coudoulière: Very natural spot. Has a lifeguard for swimmers.
  • Touring Beach: Located at the port. Has a lifeguard for swimmers. A bit busy but is a nice white sand beach. It has access for people with reduced mobility.
  • Beach de la Vieille: In front of the town and the port. This cove offers fine sand and calm waters for swimming. It is perfect for going with kids.
  • Beach of Sainte Asile: Located next to a pine forest, this beach is touristic but still nice and calm. Has lifeguards for swimmers and access for disable people.
  • Canon Beach: Small and charming. Charming landscape with palms and rocks on the bay.
Traditional house in Provence-French Riviera. (Flickr by Thierry Dehove)

Traditional house in Provence-French Riviera. (Flickr by Thierry Dehove)

Hiking and trekking in Saint- Mandrier are great activities to do if you chose this destination for renting a boat during your holidays. The temperature for these kind of activities is ideal, it never usually gets too cold but and in summer it’s also never too hot to do sport. His views show an incredible landscape of turquoise sea, hills and rocks, pine forests and vegetation that seems to have been maintained like a garden. The routes are easily accessible if you wish to walk, but we still recommend you to take sport shoes and information about the best ways to get there before going.

We recommend walking or hiking in the following locations: the pine forest of Sainte-Asile , The Italian cementery on a hill, the Rolland pine forest, Piastre tip , Punta de la Vieille, the Lighthouse on Cap Cépet or Cavalas . These places can be visited easily but there are also longer hiking routes (12- 30km) to begin or end there. In the town of Bandol (15km away from Saint-Mandrier) you can take a cruise around the island and practise scuba diving or snorkeling because the water is very clear.

We want you to imagine what you could do if you rent a boat in Saint-Mandrier-sur-mer and enjoy this part of the French Riviera. The best period to rent a yacht in Saint- Mandrier is spring, summer and fall. Temperatures do not drop below 15° on average and increased to 30° during summer time.

Here we show you the close airports:

  • Hyères Airport: 25 Km
  • Marseille Airport: 100 Km
  • Nice Airport: 250 Km
Crêpes (Flickr by Miranda Wong)

Crêpes (Flickr by Miranda Wong)

Despite being a beloved and visited place during the summer, there is usually no crowded beach or place in the towns of the French Riviera. What is definitely truth is that you can always find a calm and charming cove or inside town to spend a quiet day if you wish to tie up your boat.

We recommend you to rent a boat in Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer, and fall in love with the region of the Cannes Film Festival, the luxurious Monaco, the “belle” Nice or the famous Saint- Tropez!