We can leave traditional vacations in hotels in the past and start to enjoying real vacations through a sailing experience. Sailing trips are nowadays not only for sailing enthusiasts but also for people who want to enjoy the sea and their holiday destination to the fullest. The way to enjoy your holidays is changing: from discovering new and unique places to practicing extreme sports and getting the most out of your time.

Chartering a boat during your vacation can be the adventure you are looking for, providing you with the complete freedom; where to go, what to do, where to eat and how to spend your time once the sun goes down. 

Your own peace of heaven

Renting a boat for your vacation is the best way to ensure privacy during your holidays. Even if you stay in a private house at the beach or a high quality hotel there will be noise, waiting lines and kids running around. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have your own space with your partner, family or friends while sailing? A private space away from the crowds is definitively one of the benefits of renting a boat for your vacation. Enjoy the ability to have a late evening party with your friends, with no intrusions, while at anchor or sailing among a beautiful scenery. Have a fun time swimming, snorkeling and diving, or just relax and soak in the sun on the deck of your boat.

An active holiday

Even if everybody needs and wants to relax during their holidays, it is also true that we need to do stave off boredom by trying out new activities. Spending your holiday on a boat offers you both. Relax reading or listening to music while watching the coast and have a drink while enjoying a changing scenery. Do not waste your energy fighting for a beach chair or a hammock. Go diving, snorkeling, surfing, water-skiing, and when you feel like sun bathing, lie down on the deck and enjoy the calming rocking of the boat. 

Every day a different view


Make the most of you vacation, a yacht charter will allow you to sail to a variety of destinations, dropping anchor and exploring the most beautiful coves. Find untouched beaches on small uninhabited islands and have a great time with your friends/family. Come ashore and explore the coastal cities and its historic and cultural enclaves. Immerse yourself in the local flavors and try out exotic dishes that will leave you memories that will last a lifetime. Get to know the people the culture, and the most breathtaking natural features at the destination of your choice. 

Explore at your convenience

Staying in resort of course has its benefits, but you are always constricted by the schedule of the meals, the tours or pool´s operating hours. During your sailing vacation you are the one deciding where and when to stop for a nice dinner, what and when to visit; a fishing town with your kids for lunch or diving in a turquoise waters in the morning. Do not rent a car, pay more for extra trips or eat every day in the same restaurant. Coastal destinations have a large gastronomic variety with an amazing restaurant for every budget. Fun snack bars at the beach, romantic high-end restaurants and very tasty seafood terraces where to have a unique experience every day. Spread out your holidays the way you like beast and get to know your destination in the best and most enjoyable way. 

Get a nice tan

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest; swim, fish, snorkel, surf, go diving, kayaking, and explore the destination of your choice, or simply relax and soak in the sun on the most appealing beach or on deck, to the calming rocking of your boat. No matter what you do on your sailing holiday, you are guaranteed to return home with a nice tan.  

What about the price?

Bavaria 42 Cruiser Model

All-inclusive offers are sometimes very appealing, however you will always end up paying extra. Boat trips are no longer that expensive and offer you a lot of benefits. Paying for a hotel in a good location during the high season is basically the same price or even more expensive than chartering a boat. If you share the boat with friends, family members or another couple, it is a great holiday investment. Sailing destinations will offer you the chance to visit and enjoy some of the most gorgeous places in the world.