We interviewed Maria, one of our clients, to get to know more about her sailing experience in the Amalfi coast, a spectacular place for a yacht charter in Italy, which is characterized by the undisputed beauty and the uniqueness of its natural landscape, thanks to the perfect combination between mountain and sea.

The route Maria and her friends chose for their sailing vacations: Nettuno – Ponza, Palmarola – Naples – Ventotene – Ischia – Procida – Capri and then changed their boat to a car and continued to Sorrento – Positano – Amalfi – Salerno – going back to Naples and Rome.

Was it your first time spending your holidays on board a boat?

Yes, it was the first time spending whole holidays on a yacht. I had sailed before, but never spent the night on board.

What made you go sailing for the very first time and why do you feel attracted by sailing now?

My first times sailing were taking a sailing classes as a girl, later – for fishing or spending a good time with my friends. What attracts me most to sailing is the feeling of freedom you feel, the smell of the breeze, the light, the sky and the sea, and the injection of peace you gain spending time on a boat.

You took your trip to the Italian Amalfi coast. Why this choice?

We chose Amalfi coast because one of the friends from the group we travelled with lives in Rome, therefore the plan was to make a trip in Italy. Almost all of us knew northern Italy very well, but we wanted to know the south as well. Initially, the plan was to drive down the coast from Rome to Capri and take a boat there to spend a couple of days sailing and diving. Thanks to good advice, we changed our plans and decided to step aboard our yacht earlier – in a port near Rome and sail all the way along the coast. It was definitely worth it!

What was the most surprising during your sailing experience on Amalfi coast?

Watching a sunset on board a sailing yacht in Amalfi, ItalyThe trip was great itself, but one thing to mention: I had never felt so close to my travel mates as this time, and it has to be taken into account that we are all close friends. The boat was a perfect place to chat, enjoy time and disconnect from the daily life. One night was especially memorable when we were watching the sunset and having a dinner in front of the Procida coast: there was a full moon that night, and the reflection in the sea was amazing.

What made you step out of the boat? How did you spend time on land when the boat was anchored?

Simple things: strolling through the beautiful villages of the Amalfi coast and taking something to eat or drink in one of the local restaurants and bars.

What were the 3 best places you visited during this trip?

Procida, Ponza and Positano

What is the next sailing destination on your travel list? Do you have any dream destination?

The Greek islands and the Turkish coast are the next destinations in my mind. In the future (hopefully near) I would like to sail also the Thai coast and the Seychelles.

What would you recommend to those people who haven’t been sailing yet?

Not to overload yourself with baggage, to bring a good hat and a desire to spend a great time, as well as to leave home those ones of bad humour and let’s go!

Robert N. Rose has said “Ships are the nearest thing to dreams that hands have ever made.” Do you agree?

Yes, since boats give you an opportunity to lift your feet off the land, that can be liken to a dream. I’m sure, the first inventors of boats dreamed about sailing, and that helped them to achieve it.