Where to rent a yacht in winter?

Where to escape from the cold European weather that is getting worse day by day? Well, what about a piece of the paradise on the Earth? A place with the perfect weather all year round despite the season. Are you still thinking that you can not afford it? Forget about any prejudices because sailing in Saint Martin (Caribbean) is a lifetime experience that perfectly reflects the combination between the price and quality. Simply speaking, it’s definitely worth it!

St. Martin (Flickr by Francis)

St. Martin (Flickr by Francis)

Let’s start with a curious fact. St. Martin or St. Maarten – which is the correct spelling? Well, it depends on the part of the island you are referring to. This Caribbean paradise is divided into two halves – French and Dutch. So, in the first case the correct spelling will be St Martin and in the second – St Maarten.

According to the statistics, more than one million tourists choose this charming destination for their holidays. The reason is totally clear. Sailing in Saint Martin implies fairy beaches with the white sand that seem to appear just from the magazine. Their unforgettable beauty amazes by the chastity and splendor. However, it’s not only about lazy idleness on a beach, during your yacht charter you will be able to choose among a multitude of different leisure activities.

To mention the most popular, you can enjoy the duty-free shopping because Saint Martin is also a shopping paradise. Well, prepare yourself in advance in order not to lose control! This Caribbean spot is also famous by its sophisticated gastronomy. There a unique gourmet experience is guaranteed by the hundreds of exclusive restaurants, fancy bars and cosy family owned cafes that perfectly transmit the Caribbean juicy spirit. Gambling fans will be fascinated by local casinos creating a light Las Vegas spirit. Those interested in sport will enjoy the annual Heineken Regatta that takes place on the island every March.

In a case you don’t want to wait till spring to contemplate this breathtaking nautical show, you have an option of the classic yacht regatta that is held in January. Don’t miss a chance to watch great professionals of the international level!

Flowers in St. Martin (Flickr by mark byzewski)

Flowers in St. Martin (Flickr by mark byzewski)

As about the best marinas that provide the full range of services, you can find them nearby the Simpson Bay and Simpson Bay Lagoon. They have everything necessary to make you enjoy your yacht charter in Saint Martin at the maximum level even though you are not a megayacht owner. Just go and immerse in the pleasant warm water while swimming, snorkeling or diving. Boat rentals in Saint Martin is unforgettable sailing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life! Moreover, there you’ll enjoy breathtaking sailing adventures due to the variety of landscapes, flora and fauna.

Everybody, from a new to the truly experienced sailor, will find ideal sailing conditions depending on the part of the island. Snorkeling fans will be amazed by the amount of reefs in the neighbourhood. Plenty of things to discover, no time to be bored! Undoubtedly, mother nature had put a lot of efforts to create this dream destination. Just imagine anchoring not far from a cosy bay or cove and then going to discover natural treasures represented in Saint Martin in abundance.

The trade winds are dominant and normally they blow from the Northeast to the East between November and March, and from the East to the Southeast between April and October with the average speed of 10-25 knots. At the same time, tidal currents are quite weak because of the practically non significant tidal range. Saint Martin is one of the best Caribbean spots to enjoy stable comfortable weather all over the year where the temperature stays at the level of around 25°C. If you like changes, plan your route in advance and visit some islands nearby.

Sailing in the Caribbean: St. Martin

Sailing in the Caribbean: St. Martin

The best places for anchoring in St. Martin are Marigot and Grand Case.


Being the capital of the French part of the island, it has multitude of shops, exclusive boutiques and delicious restaurants famous for the authentic gourmet French food. At the same time, there you will find different entertainment activities for every taste. Pristine waters are really transparent and radiant that make Marigot a perfect start of sailing vacations in Saint Martin.

Grand Case

Grand Case can be considered as a culinary capital of the island that at the same time inspires its visitors with antient architecture just from a fairytale. Local restaurants always welcome to try something from the Caribbean gastronomy as a specialty. Perhaps, it’s the best place of the island for a long promenade.

So, now you are prepared to navigate along St. Martin’s shores. Are you ready to escape from the routine andand opt for a yacht charter in Saint Martin?