The main French island is located in the Mediterranean, north of Sardinia and is one of the most unique natural areas in Europe.

Do you know what island we are talking about? We would like to introduce you the magic island of Corsica and the small city of Propriano. Between Ajaccio and Bonifacio, you can find southwest of the island, the city of Propriano. With a big harbor and a lot of shops, restaurants and hotels, you will be able to enjoy your vacation with a good start and get ready for sailing in Corsica.

Corsica is famous worldwide for its amazing landscapes, green mountains and incredibly gold sand coves. The whole island is 100 % natural and offers camping’s, hostels and urbanizations on hills but most of the island is not built-up or has high buildings and flats.  The main port is located in the capital which is the city of Ajaccio. Hometown of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte, the city offers a large harbor and facilities as it receives yachts, commercial boats, ferries for tourists and huge cruisers throughout the year. High season in Corsica covers spring and summer season for its warm temperatures and the chance to enjoy sun and sea every day. Although winter temperatures drop down in winter, the average temperature in Corsica is 15º.

Choosing Yacht Charter in Corsica can be great and relaxing…as you see, the island is worth. The water is clean and turquoise and coves are wide with white or golden sand and deep vegetation that crows until the coast borders. Corsica is popular because the island is never that crowed as others. You always will find calm places to enjoy swimming or a nice picnic together with your friends or family.

The island does not offer a good connections or public transport between cities and coves. It is very common to rent a car in order to visit the parks, different beaches and especially, Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio. Rent a boat in Corsica and enjoy every single corner of this island, get to know the culture better, swim wherever you want and try out water sports and adventure activities such as riding, trekking, hiking or climbing. This French island, is a paradise for outdoor fans…why don’t you just discover why? Rent a sailing boat in Propriano and try out.

plage d'Ostriconi, Corsica

plage d’Ostriconi, Corsica

About Propriano

The French town of Propriano is located southwest of the island of Corsica and is one of the major cities in the entire island. Although less touristic, this small city, attracts more than 20.000 tourists every year because of its many facilities: big port, hotels, restaurants, shops and a funny nightlife. We highly recommend starting your sailing holidays from Propriano. It is close to the Ajaccio airport and you always can buy everything you need to enjoy the island later, visiting all places you want.

What to do in Propriano?

  1. Gulf du Valinco : the top places here are Porto Pollo and Campomoro, located one north and the other south of the gulf. Perfect for going for a walk with children or enjoying a sunset.
  2. Propriano Beach: One of the main beaches of the island. Most frequented and less idyllic but perfect if you want to tie up your boat during night. Also good location if you want to shop or try out water sports.
  3. The coves of Propriano: calm and with turquoise waters and rocks, are recommended to relax with family, friends or children.
  4. Portigliolo Beach: This beach is very close to the city but it is much more quiet and natural than the main one. You will love its golden sand, the forest and the entire landscape. Best place for windsurf fans or to eat a picnic.
  5. The main harbor: it’s one of the main places in Propriano and also perfect for walking and have lunch or dinner at a lovely restaurant or café. During high season, you will find a lot of nightlife and bars.
Lighthouse of Propriano, Corsica

Lighthouse of Propriano, Corsica

If you want a different, quiet and the more ” au naturel ” holiday, don’t think further and choose boat rental in Propriano.

You can visit beautiful areas while sailing and enjoying for example a glass of French wine with amazing views, sun and sea.