If we speak about Mediterranean in terms of sailing, Italy is a destination that deserves to be mentioned. Its enclaves, ports, variable cuisine in conjunction with its remote islands waiting to be explored make this place really tempting as we are planning our sailing vacations.

Fetovaia beach, Elba island, Italy

Fetovaia beach, Elba island, Italy

Where to go sailing in Italy?

There are several spectacular zones where to enjoy  sailing holidays in Italy.  We can distinguish the Italian islands and the mainland coastal areas, each of them having their own charm and magnificence.

Sicily is the biggest Italian island and thus one of the most popular sailing areas.  Another spectacular island where to enjoy a yacht charter vacation is Sardinia. Despite the fact that this island is less explored and less crowded than its neighbors Sicily and Corsica, Sardinia should not be neglected due to the incredible landscapes that consist of mountains, caves, volcanos and wonderful shores with pristine water that won’t leave any traveler indifferent. You’ll enjoy a multitude of beautiful beaches that don’t look alike. Just decide whether you’re going to rent a sailboat, motorboat or catamaran to sail along the Costa Esmeralda and other picturesque sailing areas in Sardinia. Besides these two renowned islands, there is a number of smaller islands along the entire volcanic coast that are definitely worth to visit if you’re cruising along the Italian coast .

When speaking about the Italy’s mainland coastal areas, Tuscany in the western part of the country deserves a special mention. Its glory, cultural heritage and climate made it an ideal touristic destination. If you’re interested in history and art, you should visit  Tuscany as it provides a wonderful opportunity to discover more of the significant historical heritage.

Going to the south, you’ll find the Campania region surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Sailing across this area will permit you to contemplate five cultural sights that were renowned as UNESCO World heritage.

Sailing in Italy is definitely a breathtaking experience. This country is simply a true heaven, you just have to choose the most attractive plan and take the most out of it! Only renting a boat to sail and discover Italy, it is possible to see the maximum of its magnificent beauty. You can make your own route according to your preferences, anchoring in the most beautiful coves and bays and continuing your jorney when you think you have explored the place well enough. There are a lot of advantages!

Charming Sicily

Charming Sicily

Why to go sailing in Italy?

Italy’s popular  and delicious food is another great advantage that captures visitors’ attention. The best pasta, pizza and infinite number of excellent dishes finish the picture. A good example of the transalpine cuisine would be “La Favata” restaurant in Sardinia. It is a must-visit place when visiting Sardinia if you want to try some excellent meals. However, restaurants of this type you’ll find in most of the popular boat charter destinations.

Another great reason to choose Italy as your Mediterranean sailing destination, is the wonderful Italian climate. Italy enjoys a large number of sunny days per year, so it is very difficult to choose an inpropriate time for your holidays. It’s practically 100% certain that the weather will be suitable to enjoy your trip at the maximum level. Sailing conditions are favorable that permit tourists to travel there without any fear. Mistral wind, blowing from the northwest, is perfect for all navigation fans; luckily it’s present the main part of the year.

So, don’t think too much, choose your yacht charter in Italy and immerse in the adventurous spirit conquering this country by sea. Italy is football, Italy is art, Italy is food but at the same time Italy is also a great sailing experience!