The island of Ikaria, in Greece, and Sardinia are two of the highest ranked “Blue Zones”, paradises whose daily life traditions have become the elixir of life. aBoatTime takes you to where you “Add years to your life and life to your years”.

Life in the island of Sardinia

Sardinia’s coast.

Ikaria and Sardinia are beyond amazing sailing destinations and vacation spots. Why do statistics reveal the largest elderly population? this with an excellent life quality. So says Dan Buettner, a National Geographic reporter that has devoted his life to finding and sharing this reason, life expectancy depends on more than fortunate genes (20%), it comes from an environment and lifestyle that anyone can learn how to build (80%).

Alchemy is an ancient philosophical tradition, whose followers seek the transformation of materials into noble metals and, moreover, longevity. The Sardinian and Ikarian families are non-alchemists that have created around their everyday activities the healthiest lifestyle, that gives them happiness and the highest rates of longevity in the world. Sardinia, for example, holds the record of the longest-lived men. In contrast with the United States, Sardinia holds close to 10 times more centenarians per 1000 people; and in Ikaria, there is three times the possibility for its inhabitants to reach the age of 90.

In Sardinia, 120 miles away from the Mediterranean coast of Italy, people have developed a strong sense of family and community as a result of the numerous conquests and exploitations attracted by the island’s riches, what only generated this greater treasure.

Some of Sardinia’s particularities are it’s people positive attitude,  the perspective they have of life that allows them to authentically enjoy beauty; as well as their sarcastic or sardonic* sense of humour. Also, lots of vitamin D from the sun and consuming dairy products from goats, red wine and fava beans. Finally, the enemies of stress: laughing with friends, walking miles on a rough terrain, farming and shepherding; everyday activities of the sardinian centenarians.

Ikaria's coast

Ikaria at dusk.
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Similarly, in Ikaria, due to a long history of invasions by the Persians, Romans and Turks, the population isolated itself from the sea to the central area of the island; building strong traditions, family values, health and long life. Here, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes are significantly lower than the average. The secret comes from their version of a Mediterranean diet rich in goat milk and nature products that grow on their land. Also from a mountain life and the habit of napping regularly. But over all, from their strong relationships between communitiy members and extended family.

Ikaria and Sardinia are both amazing destinations for an immortal vacation. They can be reached by plane, or, to intensify an experience with nature and self-encounter, boat.

The Greek island is located not far away from Bodrum, in the Turkish Coast, and close to the island of Mykonos. While Sardinia holds spectacular marinas and great sailing conditions specially on the East. Imagine renting a boat leaving Marina di Portisco, stopping in Magdalena Island and setting anchor in magical creeks to hike the Sardinian hills and find the heart of its authentic inhabitants.

Plan a sailing vacation following Dan Buettner with aBoatTime and experience yourself how to give more and better years to your life.

*The word “Sardonic”, meaning cynical sense of humor, originates from Sardinia’s ancient tradition of laughing maliciously.