The journey between the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera is one of the most popular in the Mediterranean. If you think Ibiza has everything you need, such as its magnificent natural landscape, its quiet coves or its amazing party atmosphere, Formentera is definitely worth visiting. This island is without doubt, an idyllic paradise for relaxing on its fantastic beaches.

The distance between Ibiza and Formentera is just 3 nautical miles, approximately half an hour by boat and can be traversed on a sailboat or a comfortable yacht. If you love sailing, this crossing is perfect for you, even if you’re not an expert. The prevailing winds between Ibiza and Formentera are breezy in Spring and Summer, and ensure a safe crossing. Nevertheless, when planning your route in the Balearic Sea, remember to take into account the weather, wind direction and tidal conditions. For information on this, visit the Spanish Port Information Website or download one of the many sailing apps available.

Formentera is a relatively small island, with a surface area of 32.14 square miles and 40 miles of coast, and is affectionately known as the Caribbean Island in the Mediterranean. Its clear turquoise waters are just one small element of Formentera’s mesmerising scenery, such as its scenic cliffs in the distance, which will take your breath away. When you arrive in Formentera, you’ll feel like an explorer from colonial times, owing to its unspoilt, natural landscape. The island offers a variety of different beaches and cliffs for sunbathing and swimming surrounded by its diverse marine life.

The recommended route to take is from Puerto de Ibiza, located on the island’s southeastern coast, to Puerto de la Savina, in the north of Formentera. This is the only port on the island, and is relatively small compared to that of Ibiza. It has 150 moorings, which are managed by two local companies, for boats between 8 and 30 metres long. For this reason, we recommend reserving a mooring in advance to avoid disappointment.

Despite the daily shipping traffic between the two islands, Formentera has managed to avoid the mass tourism characteristic of Ibiza, through careful environmental conservation. However, there are various alternatives to mooring in Puerto de Savina, such as anchoring your yacht in one of Formentera’s many covesand bays which ring the coastline. For those who have previously completed the crossing, dropping anchor in one of the marvellous and secluded coves and immersing oneself in the natural landscape is without doubt, one of the island’s best features.

Formentera’s best beach has to be Ses Illetes, which although just half a kilometre long, is by far the most beautiful example.l A particular feature of this beach is that the level of the sea near the coast is very low, allowing you to walk on the wet sand without even getting your knees wet. Surrounded by such a brilliant azure paradise, the beach is perfect for swimming around the rocky cliffs and discovering the island’s marine life, its seashells and coral formations.

Anchoring your boat in Formentera

Before anchoring your vessel, make sure that the sea bed is formed of sand or soft rock, and always avoid rocky or muddy areas, like those found in Espalmador. During the day you must let other vessels know that you’re anchored, by placing a black sphere on the bow of the boat during the day, and a white anchoring light at night.

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Another factor to take into account is the length of the anchor’s chain. If winds are calm on the island, the anchor chain should be three times the water depth, but if the winds are stronger, the chain should be at least five times this.

Formentera’s authorities allow anchoring on the island, but remember that there may be some locations where it is not permitted, although this will always be explicitly signposted.
Although dropping anchor is one of the most basic navigation manoeuvres, if you are not very experienced in sailing, we recommend hiring a skippered boat, and learning how to drop anchor correctly. To find out more information on yacht charter in Ibiza or in Formentera, visit our website.