Croatia is, perhaps, one of the most attractive natural destinations in Europe. It has plenty of things to offer, so that everybody will find their something special. Its ecology and historical heritage form a base that makes it so unique. For many people Croatia is like a paradise on the earth, especially for those who love sailing. There are so many beautiful spots that sometimes it can be hard to choose the most atrractive one, however we’ve made our choice. Let us introduce you to Split – a city with a natural charm where the history interlaces with the reality. There should be some kind of mystery that helps attracting thousands of sailing tourists every year.

We’ve tried to reveal the mystery offering the most important reasons why every Mediterranean sailing enthusiast should visit Split:

  1. It’s a Mediterranean city which means a perfect climate throughout the year, healthy delicious food and welcoming people. According to the statistics, Split can be proud by around 315 sunny days per year which is one of the highest indicators within the region.
  2. Split is found in the region of Dalmatia on the eastern part of the Adriatic sea. This Mediterranean corner is considered as one of the cleanest in Europe and special attention is paid to the ecology. To mention, there are several “Blue flag” beaches nearby. The whole environment creates the feeling of harmony and relaxation. Forget about all your daily life problems while sailing in the pristine Croatian waters on-board your rented yacht.
  3. Being in Split you can visit its multiple cultural attractions. Among them what really stand out are: the ancient Roman Palace that was constructed by the Diocletian Emperor several centuries ago. It looks charming! By the way, Split is one of the oldest cities of the area.
  4. Navigation fans will be delighted by the local bay and port that offers everything necessary for a comfortable yacht charter in Split. Moreover, the staff is very helpful and welcoming!Boats in Split
  5. Split is the second largest city in Croatia which means developed infrastructure and plenty of shopping opportunities. It’s equally interesting discovering small local store or a big department store. The main part of the lovely tiny boutiques is concentrated within the old central part of Split nearby the main square.
  6. This Croatian pearl offers multiple gourmet options. There you will be surrounded by the typical Mediterranean tavernas, cozy cafes and nice restaurants. Enjoy your meal in a calm place after endless on-board fun and sailing activities.
  7. Croatian traditions differs from the rest of the Mediterranean countries. And it’s a matter of authenticity more than something else. If you visit Bacvice beach (central beach of Split), pay attention to the locals playing a typical game which is called Picigin. Without going further, this game implies a small ball that should be kept in the air the longest time possible. It seems that nobody is in hurry there, the locals are really good at it. So, stepping by them, contemplate this traditional game popular even nowadays.
  8. One of the most emblematic symbols of Split is Marjan hill. Basically, it’ll be the first thing you’ll see approaching from the sea. This is a great example of the natural beauty where different landscapes interlace and create a charming scenery. Its length is around 3,5 km and there are 3 peaks from where you can see the whole city and surroundings that form a part of the famous Kastela Riviera.
  9. Fine pine trees forests create an ideal atmosphere of serenity where you can reflect about the life or whatever else during a pleasant stroll. There is something in the air that lets you to breathe deeply and clear the lungs. The environment matters! Afterwards, you´ll come back home full of energy and ready to combat the stress. There that word doesn’t exist!
  10. Multiple cultural events take a place in Split on a regular basis. Basically, they promote the music and photography, especially of the local artists. What are you waiting for? It’s a chance to discover some brilliant unknown talents…Who knows, probably, they will be very famous in the future and you’ll be one of the first to enjoy their art and creativity as a part of the live performance.

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Sailing vacation in Split