For all you sailing charter tourists who choose Spain as their vacation destination, we suggest you prepare by checking out the Rincón del Sibarita Magazine. It will give you a great insight into the Spanish gastronomy and guide you through the best restaurants that you cannot miss during your sailing holidays: all the while practising some Spanish.

RS Rincón de Sibarita” magazine could be considered as “The guide” for all lovers of gastronomic quality and good food. Inside it we discover the best wines, cheeses, sausages or cooking oil while learning which are the ideal spots to enjoy them.

An indispensable guide inside the luggage of every gastronomic tourist that will become essential for us as a travel program, once we have submerged ourselves in its literature and tasted from our own corner all its nectar and aroma.

Through this publication, you have at hand the information about the best restaurants, the finest wine tastings, the most important oil cultivations, delicatessen products that bring the greatest pleasures to our mouth. As well as the cooking recipes that conserve all its tricks and secrets through the years and, till today, are still a necessary member of every kitchen.

Spanish olive oil

To start with, the world of wine, one which throughout the summer months makes itself more and more known at our tables.

In Spain, we are fortunate to have some of the best wines and professionals in the field. Spanish wines have learned to adapt to the new market conditions. Additionally, our wineries and viticulturists dedicate their life to the task of offering the best product. Spanish wine is up there with the best.

Concerning olive oil, today it is more of a classic of Spanish cuisine. The basis of most of the recipes of the so-called “Mediterranean Diet”.

As for wine, the progress made in Spain in the quality of olive oil is astonishing: a quality of raw material that is diverse and whose production spans the entire Spanish territory; largely due to a substantial improvement in production methods.

Delicatessen is the term that denominates a selection of food that makes up high gastronomy, which a lot of entrepreneurs found to be an opportunity to make business.

There is a world of gastronomic treasures that go from refined, virgin and carefully selected oils, to pastas that are packaged by artesans in any Italian village, or our wines, rices, sweets and sausages. All of these with two common denominators: the tradition and the quality in their production processes.

All this because every smallest detail is capable of giving us the enjoyment of a peaceful, amusing and gratifying evening when it comes to food. From the perfect welcome to the gracious goodbye, you will pass through a series of ingredients that will complete your holiday and make every culinary experience one to remember.

Ingredients, as part of a recipe, can form a map to a sort of treasure. A treasure that has the power to create memories, invoke emotions and tell a story. With everywhere in the world having its own unique flavours, through food we can encompass all of our senses into creating fond and enjoyable experiences.

As much as the traditional produce and flavours give us a sense of happiness, so do the environments in which we enjoy them. One scenario synonymous with fresh food is the coast: the sun shining down, a breeze in your hair and fish that was swimming that morning; what could be better?

Couple this useful and inciteful content with a high quality print and beautiful photos, this quickly becomes your most valuable bit of holiday reading.