Sometimes vacation planning can cause a real headache, but this year we would like to help you. The coast of Pontevedra is an exceptional place for an unforgettable holiday, offering unbelievable coastal landscapes and an incomparable gastronomy. During a yacht charter in Pontevedra you can visit the three estuaries that surround this province.

Although Galicia has a rather difficult climate, the coast of Pontevedra can boast a special microclimate with mild temperatures that are perfect to enjoy the sea. The estuaries of the province of Pontevedra are characterized by their enormous size in comparison to the other Galician estuaries.

Vigo estuary

Undoubtedly, a yacht charter in Vigo is the best option to get to know the province of Pontevedra. The estuary of Vigo, the most southerly and deepest, is protected by the Cíes Islands and has 8 marinas where you can moor your chartered boat. Vigo is the largest city in Galicia and offers many cultural activities. In addition, the historic center is full of restaurants and bars that you will surely want to visit to try Galician empanada or octopus. With your rental boat you can reach the best beaches of the estuary, like Barra in Cangas, O Vao in Vigo or Santa Marta in Baiona. If you choose to rent a boat in Baiona instead of Vigo, you’re certainly not wrong. This summer residence is preferred by holidaymakers, who are looking for the tranquility this small coastal village offers. Its old town was declared a “Joint of Historic Artistic Interest” by the government of Galicia and is popular for its streets and stone houses. If you travel to Baiona, you should not miss the Carabela Pinta, a replica of the boat with which Columbus arrived at Baiona on March 1, 1493, after the discovery of America.

A mandatory stop with your boat in Pontevedra is the visit of the Cíes Islands, which takes 35 minutes by boat from Vigo and 25 from Baiona. They belong to the Parque Natural das Illas Atlánticas next to the islands of Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada, and look like paradise with white sand and crystal clear water. They have an incomparable natural environment and a unique biodiversity. This place is ideal for hiking or relaxing at unspoiled beaches. They consist of three islands, the islands of Norte and Faro, connected by a sand strip, formed by the sea currents and the South Island, accessible only by private boats. A few years ago, The Guardian considered the beach Rodas as the best beach in the world and now, only a few months ago, The Telegraph included the Cies Islands in its list of the most idyllic islands. And they are not mistaken!

Pontevedra estuary

During a yacht charter in Pontevedra, you can sail from Vigo or Baiona along the Costa de la Vela, to see spectacular cliffs with a length of six kilometers and finally reach the estuary of Pontevedra, the third largest in Galicia. If there is something that characterizes this area, it is the large number of tourist offers. One of them is Aldán, a tiny and inconspicuous estuary, which is preserved quite intact. The most famous beach is Menduiña but there are also other impressive bays like Areacova or Lagoeleas.

By boat you can sail to the end of the estuary where Pontevedra is located. In summer, the city offers varied leisure facilities and its historical center is worth a visit. But undoubtedly, the biggest tourist attraction is the Pontevedra estuary Sanxenxo, one of the fashion destinations of the Galician coast and the favorite place for young people as the port area is full of bars and nightclubs. In addition, this town has the most blue flags, so you can enjoy clear water at beaches like Silgar, Baltar or A Lanzada during your boat rental in Pontevedra. However, if you are looking for tranquility, we recommend going to Combarro, a typical Galician village with granaries, traditional cross-monuments and stone houses.

Opposite the Pontevedra estuary you will find the archipelago of Ons, consisting of three islands, Ons, Onza and Onzeta. The most famous and largest is the island of Ons, where people live all year round. To get to know the charm of this island, you can go hiking or relaxing on some of its paradisiacal beaches, such as Area dos Cans and Melide. Between the mouth of Pontevedra and the Arosa is the peninsula O Grove. Without great monuments, O Grove is a beautiful fishing village that has hiking areas and hidden beaches like San Vicente del Mar, which you can easily reach by boat.

Arosa estuary

It is the largest of the Galician estuaries, its northern zone belongs to the province of A Coruña and the south to Pontevedra. If there is something that people can do well here, then it’s cooking. In the Arosa estuary you will find some of the best seafood and fish of Europe, like the famous mussels. It is also the area with the largest mushroom production in Spain and a route through the breeding areas of the mussels, oysters and scallops is a unique experience. In the southern part of the estuary you can find the municipality of Cambados, which has become the capital of Albariño, thanks to its geographical uniqueness. There you can discover a winery and taste all the prestigious wines.

During a yacht charter in Pontevedra you can distance yourself from your routine and enjoy the tranquility on the island of La Toja, famous for its spa offers, or walk along the impressive dunes of Corrubedo. To explore the landscapes of the province of Pontevedra, visit Riberia and Pobra de Carmiñal. You will not regret it!

Undoubtedly, a boat in Galicia is an ideal option to get to know the province of Pontevedra, which is known for its paradisiacal beaches, excellent gastronomy and charming fishing villages.