Christmas holidays are approaching, the perfect time a break with family to relax, enjoy and spend more time with the ones you love. The perfect opportunity to escape the normal routine and plan a vacation with more possibilities than you would imagine. Therefore below we’ll show you the advantages of opting for a yacht charter at Christmas, and enjoy some different and amazing experiences.

If you are passionate about the sea and sailing, escape the December cold and enjoy Christmas in the sun for a change! Renting a boat during your Christmas holidays can be a perfect idea, because you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy a nice few days out at sea.

We tend to believe that Christmas holidays have to be the same every year, but nothing is further from reality, rent a boat and find out for yourself. Since we propose an aBoatTime holiday to escape the cold to different destinations where you will find a warm climate throughout the year. There, you can enjoy the sun, the sea, and a few days of relaxation for much less than you think.

This experience also helps you learn other ways to celebrate these holidays, travel to other destinations in which to discover how this special time is celebrated in different cultures and traditions.

For example, if you opt for yacht charter in the Canary Islands you will enjoy a very pleasant temperature for a few days where you can even go surfing and do other, different activities. You can use the time to improve your sailing techniques and navigation skills. On the other hand, the Caribbean also offers great opportunities for an unforgettable holiday this Christmas. In this amazing destination we can find a multitude of places to visit, there are more than 700 islands spread between the Gulf of Mexico, the east coast of North America, Central America and northern South America. Countries such as Cuba, the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic or Jamaica. You can also admire the stunning vegetation and landscape as you enjoy the pleasant tropical climate and incredible seas that you can swim in. The pristine white sand beaches are idyllic and the temperature ranges between 23 and 27 degrees.

Moreover, in most Caribbean islands you will find a wide variety of nightlife, as they are prepared to accept a high level of tourist influx. Furthermore, there is plenty of opportunities to perform activities such as water skiing, windsurfing or diving. Undoubtedly, renting a boat at Christmas will be an experience you will not forget for a very long time.

However, there are plenty more destinations that you could spend your Christmas in that are not quite as popular. You could even spend your Christmas in Thailand or the Mediterranean, the weather will be nice and warm, perfect for spending a few days of tranquility and with complete freedom to navigate wherever you want.

But it is not your only option for renting a boat at Christmas. Depending on the number of people you want to spend the holidays or the purpose of your celebration, renting a boat at Christmas can be done for different reasons. You can choose which days you want to you’re your boat in order to celebrate a particular date or you can even choose to celebrate a corporate event aboard a boat for example. With all that you can celebrate during this time, a boat can be the perfect setting to create some amazing memories.

From here it is clear, why not spend Christmas Day, Christmas Eve or New Year on board a boat whilst enjoying the sun? Also, you can hire your own crew who will arrange meals and cook whatever you want for your choice dinner. You won’t have to worry about a thing, just sit back, relax and enjoy your Christmas holiday.

Celebrate the New Year in a swimsuit aboard a sailboat, catamaran or boat you choose.

Dive into this adventure, and create some fantastic Christmas memories with your family that they will never forget!