Who wants to cruise around in a Jacuzzi?

Cruise lines spend billions of dollars on huge ocean-cruising liners that promise to be the most relaxing way to spend your vacation, but they will find it hard to compete with this tiny seaworthy hot tub that is warmed with a simple wood burning stove and propelled with a small and quiet electric motor.

The HotTug can easily seat six to eight passengers whether the glass fiber-reinforced polyester hull is filled with water or not. Amazingly, it works as both a floating hot tub or just a regular boat, although it gets way better mileage when drained. This wood stove is filled with 2000 liters of water that can be safely heated to any temperature you desire. Besides that, you can add a gas outboard motor if you want to reach the better range or speed than the built-in electric option can provide.

Hot Tug may not have the luxury appointments of a big yacht, but it has a significant advantage of not costing millions of dollars. The boat itself, stripped of motors and the stove, will cost you around $11,600, but fully equipped version you’re looking at in the picture will let you and your friends enjoy the pleasure of hot tubbing around for about $21,300. This definitely has to be the most relaxing way to enjoy the water!

Source: http://gizmodo.com