54,000 visitors in three days attended this year’s Barcelona Boat Show, Autumn’s biggest boat show in Spain. The show brought together some of the world’s most important people in the nautical world as well as many of this year’s latest yacht models. We bring you the top luxury yachts which headlined the show.

1. Azimut 77S

Azimut 77S exterior

The magnificent Azimut 77S yacht is Italian built, and is 23.60 metres long and is a current staple of this Autumn’s top yacht shows. She has an avant-garde structure which has improved the vessel’s stability and aerodynamics, such as the streamlined design of the bow, with a raked stem. In addition she is equipped with three Volvo Penta D 19-900 engines, in place of 2, which allows the vessel to reach a high top speed of 36 knots.

Azimut 77S interior

Her interior is spacious and bright, with 4 passenger cabins and an additional 2 for the yacht’s crew. The luxury craft also has a glass roof which bathes the yacht’s interior in light and provides spectacular views of the night sky.

2. Beneteau Oceanis 35

Beneteau Oceanis 35 exterior

Smaller than the Azimut, the Beneteau Oceanis 35 is by no means an inferior model. She is a luxury family yacht, equipped with superb features which make every voyage a relaxing experience. She is built by one of our favourite yacht makers, Beneteau and is designed by the nautical geniuses at Nauta Design. The yacht is 9.99 metres long and has a specially designed hull which provides greater stability when sailing.

The Oceanis 35 is sold in three different editions, adapted for the needs of consumers; the Day Sailor, designed with spacious interiors, the Weekender, a flexible edition that allows you to create your own rooms depending on your preferences, and the Cruiser, a comfortable model, with superb interior design. One of this yacht’s central themes is the use of light, which is achieved thanks to its large windows which are distributed throughout the vessel. A luxury yacht for your sailing holidays.

3. Sunseeker 75

Sunseeker 75 exterior

The Sunseeker 75 is a luxury 22.98 metre long yacht which oozes sophistication throughout, with a carefully designed interior and an equally elegant exterior. This time, the British yacht maker has surprised us with a sophisticated yacht, equipped to accommodate up to 8 guests in the highest luxury. If you wish to go sailing with your friends or family in the ultimate in comfort, this is the yacht for you.

The Sunseeker’s saloon-dining room has a table fit for 10 people, integrated speakers and is light both inside and outside. The yacht’s four cabins have been designed with great attention to detail, featuring large windows, storage space, with a modern earth colours and white colour scheme. The cockpit is complete with the latest navigation instruments, and a classic teak table. The yacht’s captain also has a fully equipped additional cabin. Here are some of our latest and greatest motor boat models.

4. Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht

Lagoon 630 catamaran exterior

In the catamaran world, the newcomer which has stolen the show is the Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht, a 19.35 metre long catamaran capable of transoceanic sailing. The design, from Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost incorporates a lighter structure, with a more efficiently designed hull, which saves weight and fuel consumption. The top edition’s engine can easily reach a top speed of 16 knots. The yacht also has a sundeck, with the option to add a jacuzzi and a dining table on the starboard side.

Lagoon 630 catamaran interior
As in all of Lagoon’s models, the interior is very practical. You can choose either a centrally or side located kitchen, with either four, five or six double cabins. In addition to her speed, the Lagoon’s elegance is reflected in each of her many features designed to make your voyage more comfortable, such as the large amount of storage space, comfortable sofas, lamps, glass pane doors and large windows.

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